Several Quickie Reviews and a Writing Plan

(Photo is of Jonah Winston in “Diaspora.”  Photo provided by the director, Michael Hosp.  See below for more info about the show.)

Well, I have been tweeting fairly regularly (@IndyTheatre) but I am way behind in my blogging!  What can I say?  My fulltime day job and my personal life have demanded most of my attention lately.   I haven’t accepted many media passes this year so far because I knew I wouldn’t have much time in which to write about shows.


I have not stopped seeing live theatre and storytelling and I hope you won’t give up on checking Indy Theatre Habit for Indianapolis-area theatre and storytelling news, reviews, and reflections.  Here is my writing plan for the next few days:

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Word of Mouth and Mailbox

As always, there was a lot going on in terms of live theatre in the Indianapolis area last weekend and I have a lot in my email box about events coming up. 

Here is my writing plan for the next few days:

  • Word of Mouth and Mailbox (today’s post)
  • IndyFringe DivaFest Overview
  • Spotlight 2010 For the Record
  • Theatre Review: “Dash Thirty Dash” at IndyFringe DivaFest
  • Theatre Review: “Madwomen’s Late Night Cabaret” at IndyFringe DivaFest
  • Theatre Review: “Always Patsy Cline” at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre.  (And since this show runs through June 6, 2010, I will tell you right away that whether or not you are a country music fan, this show is a treat.  It is a satisfying musical tribute to the late Patsy Cline, but it also a moving and funny show about friendship and the power of musical storytelling in general.  Plus there are lots of beautiful dresses.)
  • If I have time, something related to the copious, compulsive notes I took at the Steven Dietz interview last month and the DivaFest panel of advisors this month.

In the meantime, here are a few items from last weekend’s gallivanting and from my email box, in random order:

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Theatre Review: “Pippin” at Wayne Township Community Theatre

Doug Messinger and Dane Rogers in WTCT’s Pippin - photo by Sarah Hoback 

Last Friday night I drove to Ben Davis High School on the west side of Indy.  Ben Davis’ beautiful Theater space is the home of the Wayne Township Community Theatre.  I wanted to see WTCT’s production of “Pippin” as directed by Brian G. Hartz, assistant directed/stage managed by Jeremy M. Cales, music/vocal directed by Ginger Stoltz, and produced by Gus Pearcy and the Wayne Township Education Foundation.

This is one fascinating show.

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WTCT’s “Pippin” – Parental and Teen Guidance

This post includes information about the Wayne Township Community Theatre’s production of “Pippin” that may help parents and teens decide whether or not to go see the show with each other.  One of my regular readers asked if she should take her 12-year-old.  I can not answer that because every child is different, and she knows her son much, much better than I do.  However, I can give her information to help her to make her own decision about her own son.

In other words, this post contains a lot of spoilers.  If you want to read my “regular” review, which includes only the regular amount of spoilers, please skip to the next post.

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Theatre Review: “Art” as a Shared Stage Production

The cast of Art, left to right:  Earl Campbell II, Larry Adams, Daniel Shock

On Sunday evening, after finally mowing my yard for the first time in three weeks(!), I drove to the west side of Indy to Ben Davis High School’s performing arts center to see the Carmel Community Players’ production of “Art” in Wayne Township Community Theatre’s space.  “Art” was written by Yasmina Raza.  This particular production was directed by Ken Klingenmeier and produced by Kim Howard.

I loved this production the first two times I saw it, back in March, in Carmel.  I loved how it made me think deeply about art and friendship.  I loved it again on Sunday night, even though (maybe because) it was slightly different in the borrowed space and with actors who had had a few months to consider what they would do differently, given a second chance. 

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