Spotlight 2010 “For the Record”

I attended the 2010 Spotlight event to benefit the Indiana AIDS Fund last Monday night at Clowes Memorial Hall with friends Chris and Donna and others.  I loved Spotlight my first year, and this year was even better.

Of course I am glad that this gala raised $367,398 for its important cause this year.  (Source: David Hochoy, member of the Spotlight 2010 Steering Committee.)  How impressive that!

But also, selfishly, I am glad for the annual chance to sample and feel proud of Indianapolis’ wealth of live performing arts companies.  The two-act Spotlight program includes several short pieces of live theatre, dance, music, and more. 

I am sorry that I won’t have time to write about the pieces that each performing arts group contributed to the show.  I enjoyed them all, however, very much and so I want to quickly (hah!) list-and-link them here on my blog “for the record.”   Here they are, in the order that they appeared on the program:

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Word of Mouth and Mailbox

As always, there was a lot going on in terms of live theatre in the Indianapolis area last weekend and I have a lot in my email box about events coming up. 

Here is my writing plan for the next few days:

  • Word of Mouth and Mailbox (today’s post)
  • IndyFringe DivaFest Overview
  • Spotlight 2010 For the Record
  • Theatre Review: “Dash Thirty Dash” at IndyFringe DivaFest
  • Theatre Review: “Madwomen’s Late Night Cabaret” at IndyFringe DivaFest
  • Theatre Review: “Always Patsy Cline” at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre.  (And since this show runs through June 6, 2010, I will tell you right away that whether or not you are a country music fan, this show is a treat.  It is a satisfying musical tribute to the late Patsy Cline, but it also a moving and funny show about friendship and the power of musical storytelling in general.  Plus there are lots of beautiful dresses.)
  • If I have time, something related to the copious, compulsive notes I took at the Steven Dietz interview last month and the DivaFest panel of advisors this month.

In the meantime, here are a few items from last weekend’s gallivanting and from my email box, in random order:

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Theatre Review: “Ordinary People” at Spotlight

Last Saturday night (4/19/08) I drove over to Beech Grove to see the Spotlight Players’ production of “Ordinary People.”  The script was written by Nancy Gilsenan, based on the novel by Judith Guest.  Brent Wooldridge directed, with Debby Lovell as producer.

I have been meaning to read the novel for years now, ever since I saw the Academy Award-winning movie.  That movie was very difficult to watch, and yet so powerful that I had to watch it several times.  I would like to watch it again.

Spotlight’s stage version is also powerful, but in a different way.  I thought I might spend the whole time comparing the Spotlight actors with the ones in the movie – Mary Tyler Moore as the mother, Donald Sutherland as the father, Judd Hirsch as the therapist, and Timothy Hutton as the son – but I did not.  In fact, I quickly forgot all about the movie stars and got caught up with the family that was on stage. 

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