Theatre News: The Great Gay Play Contest

I love to receive theatre-related press releases from “markets” outside the Indianapolis area.  I rarely do anything with them besides read them, and I laugh at myself for letting them make me feel important, but still, they delight me.

I have been saving this one to share with you because even though it is about theatre in Chicago – not Indy – it involves Bryan Fonseca who is, as you probably already know, the head honcho at the Phoenix Theatre here in Indianapolis.

(He is also one of my benchmark directors.  When it comes to any question of artistic leadership or tactful collaboration, I ask myself:  What Would Bryan Do?)

Bryan is going to be one of the judges of the five finalists in The Great Gay Play Contest in Chicago, Illinois next spring.  Here is the full press release (and thank you, David Zak, for sending it to me!)  The bolding is mine:

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Phoenix Mentioned in Chicago Paper

Sharon Gamble, managing director of the Phoenix Theatre, sent me a copy of a very cool article by Chris Jones in today’s Chicago Tribune.  I learned from Renee Wilmuth’s session on “Blog Etiquette and Ethics” at the 2008 Blog Indiana conference that it is not good blogging ettiquette to copy someone else’s whole article, so I will just give you the link and the part that talks about the Phoenix:,0,4669313.story

The article talks about all the fuss that is made about world premieres.  Jones continues:

“But, you know, second productions of new plays are a much under-appreciated phenomenon. If a theater you trust is doing a second production of a new play, it’s a pretty good indication it’s worth seeing.

It’s frustrating when high-profile plays that have only been seen once don’t come to Chicago fast enough. The Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis, a shrewd outfit willing to turn on a dime, is producing David Mamet’s new “November” this fall. Although ideal for the election season, as far as I know this savage comedy isn’t slated for any Chicago theater. That’s partly because it’s already been seen on Broadway. The Phoenix is also doing Caryl Churchill’s latest, “Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?” We’ve yet to see that in Chicago either.”

So do you suppose Chicago folks will be road-tripping down here for a change, instead of the other way around?

Anyway, congratulations, Phoenix, and thanks, Sharon, for sharing the article with me.

Hope Baugh –