Thank You, Readers!

Thanksgiving Feast - photo by Victoria Williams 

I am thankful for many reasons on this Thanksgiving Day.  One of the many reasons is that this blog is now a big part of my life.  I have managed to keep it going for almost a year now.  According to my web hosting provider, my blog had 4688 unique visitors and 91,979 hits last month.  Thank you, thank you, readers!  Thank you, people who leave comments and patiently wait for me to “approve” them.  Thank you, lurkers.

Thank you, fellow bloggers, who have given me praise and encouragement via your own blogs:

For example, professional storyteller Tim Ereneta said last month in a post that featured my blog:

As far I as I can tell, Hope Baugh is the only person in North America blogging about live storytelling performance from the perspective of the discerning audience member, and by doing so, educating her readers (many of whom are interested in live performance (theatre) and may not be familiar with storytelling) about the art form.

Professional storyteller Elouise Schoetler stumbled across my blog last month when she was looking for news of Kevin Kling and called it “a gem”:

Someone named Zeljan Topic who writes about blogging in general included my blog on her “Here are 30 Storytelling Blogs You’ll Love” list earlier this month (after the link, scroll down):

Priscilla Howe, professional storyteller and co-producer of the “Going Deep” storytelling festival, was one of the first bloggers to link to me.   She said, “I love reading Hope’s reviews, because she lets her whole self shine through, without letting the posts be self-indulgent”:

Kyle Lacy, who introduced me to and who writes enthusiastically about social networking in a way that both exhausts me and inspires me, included my blog on his list of  “Top 50 Bloggers in Indianapolis” a few days ago:

Humorist Erik Decker (another regular) also gave me a sweet shout on his Laughing Stalk blog recently:

I am very grateful for all of this kind attention!

I am grateful to for letting me a) RSS feed my whole blog to my profile there and b) post selections from my blog on the SI home page.

I am glad that the folks at the Worth Your Attention blog quietly added me to their blog roll, too.  I was honored when they linked to my post about the Spotlight Players’ move to a new space.

One of my very first “incoming link” visitors from someone other than (IA) or Lou Harry’s Arts & Entertainment blog on the Indianapolis Business Journal website was via  I was surprised to click on the incoming link and see my blog appearing on the Official Website of the Indiana Convention and Visitors Association, but then I remembered giving my blog card to someone from this organization at the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s season preview breakfast last March.  I assume that that is who occcasionally adds a theatre review from my blog to the ICVA’s blog sampler.  Whoever does it, I really appreciate it!

And speaking of and Lou Harry, I appreciate that I can post links to my theatre reviews on IA.  Members of the community on IA have always encouraged me to keep writing publicly about theatre.  That means a lot to me.

And while I try to add interesting content to Lou’s A&E blog via my comments on his posts, I shamelessly promote my own blog there, too.  I am very grateful for that opportunity. (Plus, it’s just fun to hang out with Lou and his readers talking about the arts over at the IBJ.)

I am grateful to all of the arts managers in the Indianapolis area who take my blog seriously by sending me press releases and publicity photos, and by offering me media passes.  I can’t tell you what a thrill this is.  It’s not the same as getting paid to write theatre reviews, but it is pretty darn cool.

And finally, I want to thank everyone – the actors and musicians and storytellers, the directors and coaches, the designers and writers, the staff and volunteers, the producers and angels – involved in making good, live theatre and storytelling in the Indianapolis area.  It is a pleasure, a deep, deep pleasure, to experience your art and to write about it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hope Baugh –