Today, the escort agency is a bit slow, but I still got hopes for a booking. Life in Marylebone has always been fun for me, and working for the agency is one thing I have never regretted. I was initially a sales representative, which was certainly not my calling. I was updating my bio and profile on our website when I received a client’s text and was quite excited about it. His profile picture was a total turn on, and I engaged with him as I lured him for a meet. He told me he was in London for a few days and was looking for a hot teen with a model body to keep him company, which I certainly fit for it.

London Escorts

Since I had accepted the request, he first had to pay the stated agency amount before we could meet, and he did not hesitate at it. Today was certainly my lucky day. My other queens had not requested that early morning, but I was sure it was only a slow Monday. I wore my best slit dress that showed my perfect curves and blossom and was ready for the meet. He had requested a casual date since he needed someone to hang out within a casino and later spice up the day with some bedtime. He requested me an Uber that picked me up at my place and dropped me off at The Grosvenor Victoria Casino, and he was just as fine and sexy as his profile picture. I could hear my couchie grown for him, but I certainly needed to be lowkey about it.

He was really good at gambling with me as his lucky charm on his side, and I also made it worth it. I am also good at porker, and he asked me to try out my luck. I only lost one game but won three of them, which was quite an exciting moment because this was my first time playing casino porker. Later on, we went to the dining section in the casino because we needed to catch up and talk. He really opened up to me about what was troubling him, and as a good listener, I was a perfect comfort space for him. I did not judge, but I could not hold my tears because of how sad he had to let go of. I gave him my take on the matter, and he was glad he let it out off his chest.

After a decent meal and a moment, it was time to head home. I had only one request for him before we would take off. I asked him if he could kindly buy me a bottle of Chardonnay, and surprisingly he told me that he had a couple of bottles in his hotel room. At this moment, my smile was a complete glow because of how he said it with a weighty bass. We took an Uber to The Landmark hotel, which has always been on my bucket list. It’s a phenomenon hotel, and its beauty stands out and me sleeping and making love tonight was a complete orgasm moment for me.

All I could think about as I checked in with him was how nasty I wanted to be and make it the best night of our lives. For a moment, I paused and remembered I actually did not have any panties on, meaning we could kick it in the lift, but I needed a decent call girl tonight. First, I had to freshen up before he could have me as a snack for tonight, but he certainly couldn’t hold it anymore too. He escorted me to the bathroom and grabbed me by the waist soon, and I turned on the shower. He pinned me on the wall, and the sound of my booty clapping due to him banging me and the shower on was a complete turn on. We had about two rounds in there, and since I had carried one bottle of Chardonnay in there, I was in for any request he wanted. His meat was a good throb in me, and I was so wet that I couldn’t help but have multiple orgasms.

After the bathroom moment, we headed to bed for some more lovemaking moment. At this moment, I was totally turned on, and I grabbed his meat and sucked it really good. He tossed me on the bed, and I spread my legs like a butterfly to let him give it to me how he wanted. All I could hold on was the sheets as I moaned loudly because of how good he was at in me. With his muscular hands on my blossoms, all I wanted was him tonight. We would later pass out after hours of good sex, and early in the morning, I couldn’t help but ride him to appreciate the fact that he was a handsome beast last night.