Well, if you are traveling to the UK, then you may want to hire an escort for entertainment or companionship during your stay. The good news is there are many models in escort agencies dotted across the country. From Chelsea to Knightsbridge and Kensington, UK boasts of one the highest number of escort agencies across the world. Even Baywater has a selection of agencies and many other locations across the UK. But then when looking for an escort, there are some factors to consider.

Top Factors to Consider when Choosing a London Escort

  • Independent or Agency Escorts

Agency Escorts

Most UK visitors prefer hiring agency escorts because they’re specialized in this business venture. And there are many benefits of the agency escorts since most of these companies have a rigorous selection process, only allowing the beautiful, attractive, professional, and charming models to work for them. Besides, agencies have both premium and budget ladies giving clients a myriad of choices for getting their ideal date.

Also, when you go into an escort agency, they will ask you for some information to help them choose the best escort for you. You can also indicate all your needs to the escort agency to enable them to find the most suitable model for you. Whether you are looking for a blonde, Asian, American, or even Latina, you’ll hardly miss them in an agency.

Independent Escorts

Most escorts prefer going independent and avoid working for agencies. This doesn’t mean the agencies rejected them but rather they choose to be their own boss. Besides, going independent for them means getting a chance to self-advertise and build a client base without a broker. The difference between independent escorts and agency escorts is that the former doesn’t have any third party in between, while for the latter, you have to book their services through a company.

  • Mode of Payment

Always check the mode of payment that the escort accepts to avoid being overcharged for some of their services. For agency escorts, you’ll have multiple payment options, while most independent escorts offer only one or few methods of payment. But regardless of the payment method, it should be favorable to both of you. Therefore, ensure you agree with the escort first about this before they offer you services.

  • Consider the Legal Age

When hiring an escort, you should note that prostitution industry is illegal in the UK. And since you’ll likely engage in sex with the escort, it’s necessary to know if she is of the legal age. This is 18 years old, and since sex for prostitution is illegal, it also applies to escorts. Escort agencies should, therefore, ensure their escorts are above 18 years old, licensed to work in the UK since if that’s not the case, then they could be charged for child trafficking.

When you are looking for a London escort, then note that the right ones offer a memorable experience. From seduction to companionship, UK escorts include a selection of the most beautiful and charming girls. So, if you’re visiting next month, then check our guide to help you understand more about escorts, how they operate, and to help you avoid breaking the law.