“Swing-In” to support the Athenaeum

Someone from the Athenaeum Foundation sent me an email telling about the fundraising dinner that is part of the weekend-long “Swing-In” event coming up on September 5, 6, and 7, 2008. 

I appreciate being kept in the loop, and I admire the Athenaeum, but the email is too heavily formatted for me to quickly copy it here into my blog.

So…I’ll just share with you the link to the “Swing-In”‘s website:  http://www.swing-in.org/?home.

The special fundraising gala on September 6 does sound like a lot of fun, as does the rest of the weekend of swing dance classes and demonstrations.   Athenaem folks, I hope you raise pots and pots of money!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

Marc Acito’s 2009 Cruise for Writers

Marc Acito 

I have three or four items from my mailbox that I would like to share with you on this “Mailbox Monday.”  The first is news from Marc Acito.  He is the author of two hilarious novels: How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater and The Attack of the Theater People.

Here are excerpts from his email, interspersed with my comments:

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Season Change at the PAC

Don McArt in “Say Goodnight, Gracie” at the PPAC

Jeff Maess, Executive Director of the Pike Performing Arts Center, told me that they had a last-minute change in their 2008-2009 Subscription Series due to a tour cancellation, so they will be presenting “Say Goodnight Gracie,” the life, laughter and love of George Burns and Gracie Allen, on Saturday, September 27 at 8:00 p.m.

Oh, man! I wish I could go see this.  It is a “multi-media production,” so there will be theatrical razzle-dazzle, which is almost always fun.  However, what attracts me most to this show is the idea of getting to hear “George” talk about his life with Gracie.  I love autobiographical, storytelling-type shows to begin with, and the George Burns/Gracie Allen dynamic always fascinates me when I see old film clips of them.  I would love to hear what “George” has to say about their life together.

But it is only one night, and on a night I can not go.  If you go, would you mind leaving a comment here to tell me what you thought of it?
Here is more information about the show from Jeff:

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New Music and Poetry Series at the ACT

Erin Monahan, the marketing person at the American Cabaret Theatre, sent me a press release about their new music and poetry series.

Below is the whole press release, if you would like to read it.   I learned at Renee Wilmuth’s “Blog Ethics and Etiquette” session at the the Blog Indiana conference this past weekend that although it is not good etiquette to copy and paste someone else’s whole article into your blog, it is okay to cut and paste a whole press release.  A little boring and lazy, maybe, but okay. 

So…in an ideal world, I would put the whole press release into my own words and add my own insights, but hey:  I’m hoping to get off my computer tonight in time to finish mowing the back yard and fill a colander with ripe cherry tomatoes from my garden before the sun goes down. 

Also, if I were reading this on someone else’s theatre blog, I would want at least the option of being able to read the whole, original press release myself.

So here you go:

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Phoenix Mentioned in Chicago Paper

Sharon Gamble, managing director of the Phoenix Theatre, sent me a copy of a very cool article by Chris Jones in today’s Chicago Tribune.  I learned from Renee Wilmuth’s session on “Blog Etiquette and Ethics” at the 2008 Blog Indiana conference that it is not good blogging ettiquette to copy someone else’s whole article, so I will just give you the link and the part that talks about the Phoenix:


The article talks about all the fuss that is made about world premieres.  Jones continues:

“But, you know, second productions of new plays are a much under-appreciated phenomenon. If a theater you trust is doing a second production of a new play, it’s a pretty good indication it’s worth seeing.

It’s frustrating when high-profile plays that have only been seen once don’t come to Chicago fast enough. The Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis, a shrewd outfit willing to turn on a dime, is producing David Mamet’s new “November” this fall. Although ideal for the election season, as far as I know this savage comedy isn’t slated for any Chicago theater. That’s partly because it’s already been seen on Broadway. The Phoenix is also doing Caryl Churchill’s latest, “Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?” We’ve yet to see that in Chicago either.”

So do you suppose Chicago folks will be road-tripping down here for a change, instead of the other way around?

Anyway, congratulations, Phoenix, and thanks, Sharon, for sharing the article with me.

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

Cohenhour’s New Gig: Muse/”Mafia Daughter”

LtoR - Erin Cohenour, Luke McConnell, Scott Martin in Five Course Love at TOTS

Actor Erin Cohenour emailed me to say that her co-star in “Die, Mommie! Die,” Mike Ferruzza, was inspired to write a new play with her in mind.  She gave me a link and said, “He just finished it and now we’re trying to build interest.”

Notice of this new play also came through my generic feed on Facebook, so I’m going to assume it is okay to mention it here, too.

I have several huge stacks of books that I need to read and review for my day job before the end of the year, so I know I won’t have time to read any scripts for a while.  But if you get a chance to read Ferruza’s new script, and if you know Cohenour’s work, would you mind imagining her in the title role and telling me what you think?

The photo above is from “Five Course Love,” a show she did at Theatre on the Square not too long ago.   I saw it twice.  I have also seen and written about her work in “Unmerciful Good Fortune” at the Alley Theater.  I don’t have a photo from that show or “Die, Mommie! Die” because they were before I had started asking for publicity shots for my blog.  Ah, well.

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

Introducing Mailbox Mondays

Me shouting, “Mailbox Monday!” Photo by Michael Ries

I swear I had this idea last week, BEFORE the 2008 Blog Indiana conference this past weekend.  But the fact that one of my new blogging heroes, Renee Wilmuth, also has “Empty the Refridgerator Fridays” confirms to me that I have a good idea here.

My blog statistics show that people check my blog on Mondays more than any other day.  However, on Mondays, I am usually still percolating on the shows I just saw.  I have not finished writing about them.  So… from now on, every Monday morning (or possibly late Sunday night) I am going to post theatre-related items from my mailbox that I think will be of interest to you: selected press releases, etc.

If there is nothing in my mailbox that I want to share, well, one of these days I am going to learn how to have a little box at the side that directs you to my most frequently-read posts.  Pat East recommended this at his session on “Web Analytics” at the 2008 Blog Indiana conference this past weekend.

‘Speaking of that conference, at the panel discussion of “Building Community Around Your Blog,” everyone on the panel talked about the importance of “transparency.”  Bil Browning, I think it was, mentioned the importance of a blogger having a photo of him- or herself in the “About” page.  People feel better knowing what “their” blogger looks like.

Also, when I offered up my own blog to be critiqued at the “Blog Review” session, people praised the publicity shots and said they wished there was a photo accompanying each post. 

Well, I already had a photo of myself on my “About the Reviewer” page, and I am not going to post generic images of the comedy-tragedy masks or whatever just to be posting a photo with each post, but in honor of my new “Mailbox Mondays” category, I am sharing another of the 90+ photos that Michael Ries took of me earlier this year.


And now for a few Mailbox Monday posts…

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