The secret of having a good relationship is to make sure that you become the highest-value version of yourself so that you will be able to get the best from your boyfriend. Do not take this the wrong way and think that you have to do all the work. The moment you consider something as “work” you wouldn’t do it out of love. The following are some of the tips for being the women of his dreams:

Make him feel like he is the best:

“You want me to be a better person”. If your boyfriend says these words to you, then you are on the right track. Guys need a girlfriend who will inspire them to become a better person. He needs someone to encourage him in the things he does so that he will be able to give his potential. It does not mean that the guy you are dating is lazy or cannot do it without you. But when you are there, he feels happy and motivated to do what he is doing. He will see you as a teammate who will always be there for him.

Understand what will trigger him:

Men and women feel the love in a different way. Most women experience love by the amount of time they spend with their partner, and when it comes to men, they experience love through physical touch. One of the best things you can do as a girlfriend is to figure out how your boyfriend feels love. At the same time, your boyfriend needs to know how to please you.

Learn how to take care of yourself:

The girlfriend every guy dreams about is not someone who always depends on him for everything. If you have a boyfriend who wants you to depend on him for even the slightest thing, he can actually be a narcissist who is obsessed in taking control and wants to be in charge of your happiness. You might want to ditch your boyfriend in that case.

A good boyfriend will be happy that you are independent and that you find happiness outside of your relationship and that is fine with him.

Desire and comfort:

You need to know how to prioritize comfort and desire. Know the balance between the two and act accordingly. You need to know when you have to prioritize comfort and when to prioritize desire. If you want to be a good girlfriend you need to appreciate the need for the desire of your significant other and satisfy that need.

Sometimes, you need to be the one who is strong:

In a relationship, men always are the ones who love to be the strong ones both emotionally and physically. But there are situations where the guy expects his women to be the stronger one in a relationship.