Thanks for Eight Years

"Fly Away II" by Ben Rea

Last week, for a number of reasons, I asked my Nuvo editor to take me off their roster of freelance writers.

One reason is:  I’m tired.  I have been writing almost weekly about live theatre for eight years now on top of working another, full-time job.  I miss having a clean house, a healthy body, and a social life.

But mostly I just want to step back and do some thinking about who I am as a writer and as a person.

I appreciate all of the help I received from the Nuvo folks this past year or so (including paying me to write!) and I especially appreciate all of the people who have been reading my theatre stuff from the beginning.  Thanks very much!

I plan to continue seeing shows for my own enjoyment.  To paraphrase what Roger Ebert said about movies in his book Life Itself: a Memoir, underneath everything else, I am a fan of live theatre.  When I do see a show, I will add it to my annual Directory of Shows.

I imagine I will continue to tweet a bit, too, as @IndyTheatre.  I may even get back into blogging on a regular basis again eventually.  However, I won’t be at the Indy Fringe Theatre Festival this year because my new boss at my day job starts that week.  I want to be available to help her in whatever way I can.

I will definitely continue to read other theatre critics, theatre bloggers, etc.  I hope there will always be people writing thoughtfully about this art form I love so much.

If you have a show that you would like Nuvo to cover, please contact the arts editor, Emily Taylor (etaylor at nuvo dot net).

‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh –

(Photo above is called “Fly Away II” and was taken by Ben Rea and shared in the Commons section of Flickr.)

©2015 Hope Baugh

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