2014 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival – Reviewing for Nuvo

The 10th Annual Indy Fringe Theatre Festival – aka Indy Fringe – opens this Wednesday night, August 13, 2014 with the free Performers Showcase at the Athenaeum at 6:00. Then, beginning at 6pm on Thursday, August 14 and running through Sunday, August 24, 2014, some sixty-eight shows will run on eight stages within (fast) walking distance of each other in downtown Indianapolis. Read more about them here: www.indyfringe.org.

This will be my eighth year “fringe-ing.” I am paradoxically relaxed and excited.

In years past I have posted reviews here on my theatre blog of the Fringe shows I saw. For the past couple of years I even created an informal guide ahead of time.

This year, however, I am reviewing Fringe shows for Nuvo, part of a team of seven or eight other people. I will probably also tweet a bit (@IndyTheatre) but I will not be blogging the Fringe.

Nuvo, in case you’re new to the area or reading my blog from out of town, is Indianapolis’ weekly alternative news publication. You can pick it up in paper form for free in boxes on the streets around town, or read it online at http://www.nuvo.net/.

I have been reviewing live theatre for Nuvo since March, actually. I blogged about that decision at the time and I intended to continue blogging regularly on the side but a couple of homeowner crises and other things demanded my energy. I have been more or less maintaining my 2014 Annual Directory of Shows I’ve seen, though, and I expect I’ll get back to blogging, too, one of these days.

In the meantime, my Fringe assignment for Nuvo is to catch the eight shows in the Cook Theatre, plus one other, and write about them all before 8:00 Monday morning.

If all goes well, when our complete guide comes out in paper and goes up on the Nuvo.net website mid-week, it will include a review of every single 2014 Indy Fringe show. I hope you will look for it!

Even more, I hope you have a great time at the Fringe, whether you see one show or several.  ‘See you at the theatres…

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com and www.twitter.com/IndyTheatre.

© 2014 Hope Baugh

2 thoughts on “2014 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival – Reviewing for Nuvo”

  1. Fringe is on! Looking forward to the reviews. My wife and I were looking for reviews this morning to plan our weekend so I’ll leave one behind. “Shattered” is a show featuring the Motus dance group. Modern dance is not for everyone, but if it’s your cup of tea then you’ll really enjoy this show! The icing on the cake is Kids Dance Outreach. These at-risk kids will absolutely put a smile on your face. If you plan to see the Dance Kaleidoscope then you’ll also enjoy this one.

  2. Thanks, Rich! I wondered if you and your wife would be “fringe-ing” this year. ‘Hope you have a great festival, as always.

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