Theatre Review: Stageworthy’s “Nocturne” by Adam Rapp

A few Saturday nights ago I drove over to the United Methodist Church at 29th and Fall Creek to see Stageworthy’s production of “Nocturne,” written by Adam Rapp and directed by John Kastner.

It was a treat.

In that same weekend I also saw Carmel Community Players’ production of “Steel Magnolias” and the Broadway Across America touring production of “Sister Act.”  I enjoyed those two very much but Stageworthy’s production of “Nocturne” is the experience I want to write about because it exemplifies so much of why I never automatically rule out all-volunteer shows even when I’m looking for art more than community.

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Reflections on a Concert by Anne-Sophie Mutter

Friday night I accepted a last-minute invitation from a friend who suddenly had an extra ticket to hear violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana.  It was part of the Bose McKinney & Evans Classic Series.

I don’t know much at all about classical music and I confess that I had never heard of Anne-Sophie Mutter.  I accepted without knowing anything about the show simply because I wanted to spend time with my friend. 

However, the concert itself was a sublime experience on many levels.  I am in the middle of writing some theatre reviews but I want to write a quick post about this right now in an attempt to capture a few of the details.

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Theatre Review: “Yellow Wallpaper” by NoExit at Q Artistry

A week ago Thursday night, a friend and I minced our way over icy sidewalks, clutching our umbrellas against sleet (not snow, not rain, SLEET) to see the opening night of NoExit Performance’s production of “Yellow Wallpaper” at Q Artistry’s venue: the Irvington Lodge.  The weather was so challenging, I think there was only one other paying audience member.

I tell you about the weather not only to brag about our dedication as theatre-goers, but also to tell you that the struggle to get to and from the theatre that night was worth it.  “Yellow Wallpaper” is a treat:  an intense and beautifully done theatre piece that continues to resonate with me a week later.

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