Sad News: Brian Benson

I am very sad to write that Indianapolis actor Brian Benson died Tuesday night, hit by a car as he was walking through the Fountain Square area. 

When his name started coming up with shock and condolences in my Facebook feed yesterday as Brian Patrick Benson, I didn’t recognize it at first, but then Zach Rosing mentioned that Brian had been in two shows that Zach had helped to produce…

And then I did remember: Brian was that tall, slim boy with the shy but joyful smile and beautiful voice that had starred in “Bare: the Musical” and “Edges.”  “Edges” was produced at Theatre on the Square by a company called Programs.  “Bare: the Musical” was produced at the Wheeler Arts building by a company called All Alike Productions.  Zach still has a nice curation of images and info about the “Bare” show on his website here:

I didn’t know Brian at all outside of those two shows, but I feel privileged to have seen and heard his talented work in those two.  I am very sorry that he’s gone.

My heart goes out to his family and friends, wishing them peace and comfort.

Hope Baugh –

P.S. – I don’t have any information about a memorial service but if you do, feel free to share it in the comments.  I will update this post if I receive the info another way.

4 thoughts on “Sad News: Brian Benson”

  1. This will not bring Brian back, but Anthony Scott Crandall should not be immune to the law. None of us is legally allowed to be so reckless as to injure or kill another person. It’s called reckless homicide and Crandall should be held to the letter of the laws in this crime. Brian does not deserve to have died in vain for this person’s negligence, idiocy, and carelessness. Brian was a dear friend to my family. ALL OBSERVANCE to any applicable laws is IN ORDER.

  2. I am extremely upset that Brian was killed. I had seen him preform in Bare and my sister had been a friend of his. He was a great guy who had a lot of potential.

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