Rich’s Review of “A Very Phoenix Xmas 7: Getting’ Figgy With It!”

Last August, someone named Rich came across Indy Theatre Habit when he was “scouring the web for feedback” on 2012 Indy Fringe Festival shows.  I was delighted that not only did he appreciate my “Planner’s Guide” post, he also came back to my blog more than once that week to leave comments about his own experiences of the Indy Fringe Festival shows.

Yesterday, I was delighted and complimented again when I received notice that Rich had added another comment to that August post (perhaps he has it bookmarked on his computer?)  This time he shared his experience of a more recent show from the downtown Indianapolis area:

It’s Xmas time! Went to “A Very Phoenix Xmas”. It was well worth it. Just when you think you’ve seen creativity at its best, The Fourth Wall takes creativity in a new, fresh direction. The sock monkeys were awesome, spiced up with some ‘Gangnam’. The skits in general were clever and funny. The “War on Xmas” home invasion was hilarious. Plus an extra bonus is the Phoenix theatre itself. The audience is close, so there’s natural interaction with the show’s MC and sometimes the actors. The other block-buster Xmas shows are great in their own way, but it’s so worth it to add “A Very Phoenix Xmas” to your Xmas experience.

Rich, I don’t think I know you in face-to-face life, but you made my day with your contribution to Indy Theatre Habit.  Thank you!

I also want to thank the handful of other theatre-goers that have either asked me in person or elsewhere online, “Have you seen such-and-such show? Are you going to write about it?”  I have not been able to write much this fall, but it means the world to me that you want me to.  

If you’re just curious about what I’ve seen, you can scroll through the somewhat messy notes in my ongoing 2012 Directory of Shows post.

I’m definitely curious about what shows YOU have seen.  Feel free to use the comment box if you want to tell me about them.

Happy holidays!  ‘See you at the theatres…

Hope Baugh – and

P.S. – I also received an email from the Phoenix Theatre telling me that there is a 7pm performance of “Gettin’ Figgy With It!” tomorrow (Wednesday, December 19) in addition to the final Thursday-Sunday performances this weekend. 

© 2012 Hope Baugh

Photo above of Scot Greenwell was taken by Zach Rosing and provided by the Phoenix Theatre. I have used it with their permission.

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