C Stands for Courtesy as well as Copyright

I learned how to make a copyright symbol for my blog posts today.  My lawyer tells me that everything is automatically copyrighted as soon as I write it, but that putting a copyright symbol at the bottom of each blog post is a defense against someone “not knowing” that it is not okay to cut and paste one of my reviews or other posts onto their own website or Facebook page or whatever.

I started to add the following statement to my copyright symbol:

“You do not have my permission to cut and paste this post onto any other website or publication or handout, no matter how badly you want to.  You may quote a sentence or two if you like, but then you had better also link back to this post and say that the post was written by Hope Baugh for Indy Theatre Habit.  If that is too much trouble, then please do not ‘share’ any of it.  I do not care about promoting any particular show, and I do not care about getting a million readers.  I am trying to have a courteous written conversation with a probably small group of people that love to attend live theatre and let it transform them.  That is all.”

But then I started laughing. 

And then it was time to take a shower and head back downtown Indianapolis to see some more 2012 Indy Fringe shows.

(“Creatures of the Night” is my favorite out of the eight shows I’ve seen so far, although I loved “Feed Your Nightmares” and “Go to Hell,” too, and there was something to appreciate about each of the others as well.)

So that was as far as I got in my blogging today.

‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com (@IndyTheatre on Twitter)

©2012 Hope Baugh

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