Sad News: Actor Martin Hinman Passes

I was sorry to read on that Indianapolis-area actor Martin Hinman passed away last week.  I didn’t know him in person at all, but I enjoyed his performances in several community theatre shows around central Indiana.

For example, I remember him as the eerie General Mackenzie in the Epilogue Players’ production of “And Then There Were None” on the north side of Indianapolis. (Link is to the review thread about this show on when I was writing as Amaryllis.)

And as the hilarious, self-described “old country doctor specializing in ear, nose, and truck” in Center Stage’s production of “Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner” in Lebanon, Indiana.

And as the devilish Applegate making offers on our souls as we passed through his room in “From Dark Pages” at the Morris-Butler House in downtown Indianapolis.

And as the whimsical storyteller, Lafferty-of-Old, in the Westfield Playhouse’s production of “Lafferty’s Wake” in Westfield, Indiana.

I am grateful for the pleasure that Martin gave me as an audience member.  I would like to offer my condolences to Martin’s wife, Kate Hinman, who is also an actor, and to all of his friends and family.

Hope Baugh –

“August: Osage County” at the Phoenix Theatre

Everyone told me to bring tissues to see “August: Osage County” by Tracy Letts at the Phoenix Theatre, but you know what? I hardly cried at all.

I did, however, keep saying “Holy smokes…Holy SMOKES!” under my breath.  I also hugged my knees a lot and often barked with laughter.  When I left the theatre I felt as if I had been through a hurricane.  I was dismayed by the damage, but I also felt light and free and grateful because I had survived.

I’m laughing about it again, remembering that feeling.

I saw this intense show opening weekend and I tried, unsuccessfully for reasons that are not worth discussing now, to see it again the second weekend.  I think I will try again to see it before it closes.  It is such a good show!  I.e., it is an exceptionally rich, well-done theatre piece that brings to life a brilliantly layered, exquisitely insightful story about something all human beings have in common: family.

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