“Moonlight & Magnolias” at the Spotlight Theatre

I had a great time last weekend seeing “Moonlight & Magnolias” on the Dreyling Stage of the Spotlight Theatre in Beech Grove, on the southeast side of Indianapolis.  The play was written by Ron Hutchinson, directed by Brent A. Wooldridge, and produced by Phyllis Gant Munro.

Spotlight’s is the first of three separate productions of this comedy that will run in the Indianapolis area within a month or two of each other.  That is funny in itself, I know, but now that I have seen the piece once, I love that I will be able to see two other interpretations of it right away, if I can fit them into my calendar.

It will be hard to beat this first one. 

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Two Announcements


I have two announcements:

The first is that I have accepted a part-time position writing theatre reviews for Current Publishing.  They publish Current in Carmel, Current in Fishers, Current in Noblesville, and Current in Westfield. I will write approximately one review per month and in return they will pay me.

How fun is that?!

I am looking forward to this new gig but I am a little nervous about it, too.  Please wish me good luck!

The second announcement is that I no longer accept media passes unless it is for a Current in… assignment.  I will continue to write about other shows here on Indy Theatre Habit but only as I have the time and energy to do so without making myself sick.  I really appreciate every theatre that has been giving me media passes over the past four years, but I am no longer going to promise Indy Theatre Habit reviews or tweets or comments to anyone.  (Ahhh….!  Hear that?  That was my blood pressure lowering.)

If you are a publicity person, please continue to send me your press releases, publicity photos, etc. (amarylliswriter at gmail dot com.)   

‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

(Photo above was taken by me with my trusty iPhone of felted birds that my sister taught me how to make.  You take wool from the hobby store and poke it and poke it and poke it with a felting needle to make it stick together in the shapes you want.  Except for when you accidentally poke yourself with the needle, it is a fun and soothing craft! And even poking your finger doesn’t happen very often if you poke your wool over a little piece of styrofoam or something.)


Two Super Funny Shows

The 46th Super Bowl was in Indianapolis for the first time this whole past week.  The game itself is happening as I write this on Sunday night, but I confess I don’t care much about that.  However, some of the people that I’ve written about here on Indy Theatre Habit over the years will be performing with Madonna in her halftime show.  THAT makes me wish I still had TV in my home.  And many, MANY more of my fellow Hoosiers worked hard to make sure that everyone involved with the Super Bowl – from fans to players to owners to media and more – had a fun, safe, rewarding time all week, starting last weekend.   I admire the heck out of all of them.

So I’m going to resist the urge that sometimes comes over me to make fun of professional sports and tell you instead that I’ve been thinking a lot about humor in general.

What makes a show funny?

Last Sunday I saw two very funny shows:  “Current Economic Conditions” (written by Don Zolidis and directed by Bryan Fonseca, runs through February 12, 2012 at the Phoenix Theatre) and “Debbie Does Dallas: the Musical” (book by Susan L. Schwartz, music composed by Andrew Sherman with additional lyrics by Tom Kitt and Jonathan Callicut, directed by Andrew Ranck, music/vocal directed by Roger Smith, ran through last night at Theatre on the Square.) 

Because I saw them on the same day, I was struck by the fact that they each made me laugh often and hard, yet they were very different from each other.

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