Sad Storytelling News: Fred Munds

If you are a regular reader of Indy Theatre Habit you may remember that I shared with you the news of Midge Munds’ passing last month.  Midge was the mother of Ellen Munds, executive director of Storytelling Arts of Indiana.

Ellen’s father (Midge’s husband) passed away on Wednesday.  I can’t find the obituary yet in the Indianapolis Star (, but when it appears, I will add a link to it here.  The memorial service will be at 4pm this Sunday at the Church of the Nativity, 7300 North Lantern Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46256.

I didn’t know Fred as well as I knew Midge but I do know that, like her, he supported Ellen’s passion for the art of storytelling.   He and Midge supported Ellen’s work in many, many ways.  For one thing, he set up and put away at least a million rented wooden folding chairs during the 20+ years of the annual Hoosier Storytelling Festival!

He made it possible for me to hear the best of the best storytellers over the years, and I will always be grateful.

He and Midge also welcomed me into their home many, many times.  Their home is an exceptionally pleasant place to be, both inside and out.  I remember Ellen talking more than once, and with such fondness, about working with her dad in their gardens.

I will miss Fred and Midge.  My heart goes out in sympathy to Ellen and her siblings.

Hope Baugh

(Update 3-22-11 – Here is the link to the obituary in the Indianapolis Star:

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