Sad Storytelling News: Midge Munds

When I drove to the Indiana History Center in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday night to enjoy a storytelling performance by Minton Sparks (review coming soon!) I didn’t see Storytelling Arts of Indiana executive director Ellen Munds.

It is very unusual not to see Ellen at a Storytelling Arts event, so after the storytelling was over, I asked someone if Ellen was okay.

I learned that her mother, Midge, had died the day before.  Oh, I was so sad to hear this!

The official obituary in the Indianapolis Star is here:

My own fond memories of Midge Munds include hanging out with her at the performers’ and volunteers’ tent during numerous Hoosier Storytelling Festivals.  I can see her in my mind’s eye, smiling in her lawn chair, enjoying the informal stories that people were telling, and telling some of her own. 

She relished the more polished tellings by professional tellers up on the stages, too.  Until she became ill, I think she was at every main Storytelling Arts event.  She and her husband, Fred, made it possible for Ellen to start and run Storytelling Arts of Indiana.  How huge is that!

I remember Midge welcoming me into her home so many, many times, for storytelling workshops, storytelling gatherings, and other parties and gatherings not directly related to storytelling.  The Santa Clauses!  The books!  The cozy groupings of seats!  The feeling of belonging, and of being welcome!

I remember talking (okay, gossiping, but it was kind) about the people we knew in common in the Episcopal Church.  We belonged to different congregations but we knew some of the same ministers.  I think that sometimes Episcopalians can seem pretty quirky to other people, and I remember what a delight it was not to have to explain this part of myself to Midge.

I will miss her.  I wish to convey my deepest sympathy to Ellen, her father, and the rest of their family.

Hope Baugh

Theatre as Sacred Space

This morning I went to the fourth in a four-part series of workshops on Mindfulness and Meditation at the Fairbanks addictions recovery center on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  The facilitator was Jo Holt, PhD.

I had never been to Fairbanks before this series; I learned about the series from a friend after it had started, so I missed the introductory session on “Mindfulness” last fall.  However, I benefitted greatly from the second session (“Self-Compassion”) last November, the third session (“Dark Night” – about difficult emotions) in January, and now this final session on “Wholeness” here in February.

The series has been a wonderful experience, and just what I needed at this point in my life journey or whatever you want to call it.

I mention it here on Indy Theatre Habit because of something directly theatre-related that came to me during this morning’s activities:

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Theatre Review: “Hairspray” at Beef and Boards

Last Thursday night I met a couple of friends at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre on the northwest side of Indianapolis to see “Hairspray.”   

One of these two friends loves theatre almost as much as I do.  The other is a more reluctant theatre-goer.  This was my first time seeing this multiple-Tony Award winning musical but they had seen a Broadway touring production at the Murat Theatre a few years back.  The man that had fallen asleep during “The Producers” another time did NOT fall asleep during “Hairspray” – in fact, he loved it – so we were all three looking forward to seeing it at Beef and Boards.

None of us fell asleep this time, either.  It was a very enjoyable evening!

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