Theatre Log: “Norway” at the Phoenix

Here it is almost midnight on Wednesday and I still have two promised reviews from last weekend to finish writing plus a show or two coming up this weekend, plus, you know, my fulltime day job and my life outside Indy Theatre Habit, so I am not going to be able to write a full review of the co-world premiere of Samuel D. Hunter’s “Norway” at the Phoenix Theatre.

Even though I loved it.

I will instead start a new practice for 2011 that I’m going to call “logging” (as opposed to “reviewing.”)  For shows that I saw NOT on a media pass and for which I will not have time to write a full review, I will at least post the basic who-did-what from the show’s paper program so that it will be searchable here, plus I will copy whatever I happened to write about the show elsewhere (e.g. on Twitter.)

Here is what I tweeted the night I saw “Norway”:

@IndyTheatre Just stumbled out of “Norway” at the Phoenix #Theatre. Holy smokes, that was intense & beautiful! #Indy

@IndyTheatre I’m not ready to talk about “Norway” yet except to say: 3 actors, 3 amazing performances. #Indy #theatre @Phoenix_Theatre

And here is what I wrote about “Norway” in my comment to Lou Harry’s weekly “You Review It Monday” post in his Indiana Business Journal Arts & Entertainment blog the week after I saw the show:

Oh, my goodness, it is a heart-wrenching piece, beautifully performed! I agree with what you (Lou) said in your “Lou’s Views” review: this is “a trio of well-cast, truth-focused actors…” I felt privileged to be present in the room where they were doing their thing, and privileged to be getting such an honest, vulnerable look into the characters themselves.

Those three actors are Matthew Goodrich, playing a disturbed and confused young man named Andy; Scot Greenwell, playing his musically gifted friend and stalkee, Brent; and Daniel Scharbrough, playing Andy’s heart-broken, unintentionally abusive father.  The story includes all kinds of thought-provoking stuff about sexuality, purpose, and religion.

There is only one more weekend (Thursday-Sunday) to see it here in Indianapolis and with this cast.  Phoenix Theatre Box Office: 317-635-PLAY(7529).

And so that the basic info will be searchable here on Indy Theatre Habit later, here is who did what, copied from the paper program:

Producer:  Bryan Fonseca

Director: Gordon McCall

Stage Manager:  Amanda Lynn Meyer

Assistant Director: Kristine Lewis

Set Designer:  James Gross

Technical Consultant, Piano Arrangements: Andrew Doerr

Lighting Designer: Nolan Brokamp

Costumes and Props: Ashley Kiefer

Technical Director: Nolan Brokamp

Sound Effects Recording: Phil Ingle

Additional Music Selections: Gordon McCall, Kristine Lewis

Light and Sound Operator: Cody Grady

Photographer: Julie Curry Photography

‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh – and

(All photos above were taken by In the middle photo, the actors are, left to right: Scot Greenwell, Matthew Goodrich, and Daniel Scharbrough.)

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