Sad Theatre News: Dannon Crews

I was shocked and very sad to wake up this morning and read from various people on Facebook and Twitter that young Indianapolis actor Dannon Crews had passed away during the night.

I was not close to him personally, but I enjoyed his company whenever I happened to hang out with him at a party or whatever. 

More importantly, I loved his work as an actor.  He was hilarious in “Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!” and “A Night in Vegas” at Theatre on the Square, for example.  I most recently admired him in a more serious leading role in “The Twilight of the Golds” at The Theatre Within this past March.  Selfishly, I am very sorry for this loss to the Indianapolis theatre community and to myself as an audience member.

I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to Dannon’s family and friends.

Hope Baugh –

9 thoughts on “Sad Theatre News: Dannon Crews”

  1. Had the pleasure to work with him at TOTS. He was a beautiful person and will trully be missed. RIP Dannon.

  2. I knew dannon really well ive known him since i was 2 i will miss him alot. He might be gone from our eyes but he will never be gone from our hearts

  3. I knew him as Danny. I too enjoyed his performances at Theater on the Square. I remember him most for karakoke nights at The Metro. Be at peace Danny.

  4. I will really miss this chipper fellow….I met him in 1996 and considered him a little brother. It is quite sad…

  5. Dear Dannon, I will miss when you would see me at the Metro and call my name “Paxton”out to sing a song I had never rehersed. Now that you know my real name is Gary, I will miss you when ever I go there. Some people touch your life and never know it until there gone, such a shame you left so soon,and may God watch over you and all the suffering you had is now gone. Take your time to get use to your new home in heaven. We all cared and we all will look for you later! Rest, My Brotha, you deserve it. -Gary

  6. Dannon was a very sweet and kind person.I will miss him.No matter what was going on, he always tried to smile, I will miss that the most.

  7. I saw Dannon in a number of plays at Theatre on the Square when I was theater critic for the Indianapolis Star. He was young and beautiful and a very actor. And now dead too soon. What a loss for the Indianapolis theater community.

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