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Continuing my end-of-the-year e-house cleaning, I could have sworn that I had an email with information about the feast that will be the 2012 Going Deep Long Traditional Story Retreat, including a call for stories.  However, I must have been too enthusiastic when I was in “delete mode” or something because now I can’t find it.  Here, instead, is the “Request for Proposals” that I found on the website.  I have also contacted some of the folks in charge of the event, asking for more information.  I will update this post if I learn anything more.

I wrote about this core-shaking, multi-day, tri-teller event a couple of the times when it was held in Bethlehem, Indiana.  (I attended the first one, too, in 2006, but that was pre-blog.  I blogged about the 2008 and 2009 events.)

I have heard rumors that it will move to Arizona next, but don’t quote me on that.  As soon as I know the 2012 details for sure, I am going to ask for the time off from my day job.  There is nothing like the intensity of healing and personal growth and enjoyment that comes from deeply listening to three epic stories told well in a temporary-yet-intimate community of story-lovers.

Here is information about the Retreat in general, within the Request for Proposals:


Going Deep Long Traditional Story Retreat


Request for Proposals


The Going Deep Long Traditional Story Retreat is seeking high quality long traditional storytelling performances and workshops for future retreats.


Storytellers selected for this unique retreat will perform on one evening and will give a workshop connected with the story on the following morning.


Important points:

  • We are looking for traditional stories, not personal narratives.
  • Stories must be a minimum of an hour long, maximum three hours.
  • Workshops are three hours and must be participatory.
  • We expect both the performance and workshop to be of high quality.
  • The committee is looking for stories from many cultures.


Storytellers will be paid an honorarium for their work, plus meals and lodging at the retreat. We request that performers commit to attending the entire retreat.


What is Going Deep? Dreamed up by retreat organizers Liz Warren, Olga Loya and Priscilla Howe, the Going Deep Long Traditional Story Retreat is a feast of stories and workshops. Unlike most storytelling events, we present traditional stories that are at least an hour long each. Each evening we enjoy a performance of a long traditional story. After the story, participants gather for dessert and relaxed conversation. The next morning, the storyteller gives a workshop about the story. Workshops may focus on process of learning and telling long stories, archetypal themes in the story, personal connections with the stories, or other topics. Afternoons are unscheduled, with opportunities for storytelling coaching, swaps, massages and art activities (an extra fee may be charged). We begin at supper on Thursday evening and finish after lunch on Sunday afternoon.


Since 2006, we have held Going Deep at the Storyteller’s Riverhouse in Bethlehem, IN. We’re deeply grateful to Cynthia Changaris and Mary Hamilton of Scheherezade’s Legacy for their generosity and openheartedness in growing this project, and to Cynthia for naming the retreat. We plan to hold the retreat in more than one part of the country.


Past performers and stories have been:


Liz Warren, The Story of the Grail

Olga Loya, The Aztec Creation Myth

Priscilla Howe, Tristan and Iseult and Queen Berta and King Pippin

David Novak, Gilgamesh

Megan Wells, Helen’s Troy

Marilyn Omifunke Torres, The Paths of Osun



For the application itself, please go to

‘See you at the theatres (and in other sacred story spaces!)

Hope Baugh –

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