2010 Indy Fringe: Day What? (2 more videos, a new venue, and some tweets)


I haven’t had much writing time during the past two days, but I was able to make two more little videos with performers from the 2010 Indianapolis Fringe Theatre Festival.

In the above video, playwright-performer Dan Bernitt talks about his solo staged reading of “Swan Balloon,” a fairy tale for adults. 

(By the way, there is nothing about “Swan Balloon” that is inappropriate for children, but probably the children who would most appreciate it are children that are already used to being read aloud to and are therefore used to having to/getting to use their own imaginations for significant stretches of time.  I do think that adults will pick up on more of the subtext in this story than children would.  That said, it is a sweet story, good for adults that are in the mood for something touching and, yes, uplifting.)

To make the video, last night Dan walked me to my next show, “Ophelia’s Revenge,” and we recorded our conversation in front of that venue, the Marian Underground, before we went our separate ways. 

This was my first time at this new IndyFringe venue.  The Marian building is an easy walk from Massachusetts Avenue.  From Theatre on the Square, for example, you walk down to the Athenaeum Theatre, which is not a Fringe venue this year but you may remember it from years past.  You will probably hear the music blasting from the Rathskellar Restaurant, which is in the same building.  You turn left onto New Jersey.  The Marian building is just past the Catholic church (St. Mary’s, I think it’s called) on the same side of the street.

Another way of finding it, if you’re driving, is to go to the Marsh grocery store that used to be O’Malia’s.  The Marian building is right behind the Marsh parking lot on New Jersey.  During the festival there is a big IndyFringe sign out front.  A small plaque on the building itself says “Marian Building” or something like that. 

The theatre space is in the basement.  Sit as close to the front as you can because the floor is not raked (i.e. everyone sits on the same level) and the stage is only slightly raised.  Hold your elbows in if you sit on the aisle so that you don’t get bitten by zombies.

After I laughed out loud at “Ophelia’s Revenge,” one of the zombies from the show, Ryan Powell, let me try again to make a little video with him.  I got flustered again, as you’ll see if you watch the video, but at least I made sure this time that the little red light on my iPhone was flashing.  I appreciate Ryan giving me a second chance.

Oh!  And here’s the video:

I saw three Fringe shows on Tuesday night:  “Another 55 Minutes with Loren and Howard,” “Swan Balloon,” and “The Four Food Groups.”  I saw three more shows last night (Wednesday night):  “Before Tomorrow,” “Ophelia’s Revenge,” and “They Touch in Flood.”

I got something useful and/or enjoyable from each of these six shows, so I would like to write in detail about each of them.  However, I may or may not have time, so here is what I tweeted (wrote on www.twitter.com/indytheatre) right after each show:

  • Loren & Howard’s #indyfringe stories went places I didn’t expect. (Peyote & handcuffs)
  • “Swan Balloon” is a polished reading of a touching, uplifting #indyfringe work-in-progress.
  • “Four Food Groups” is an innovative & refreshingly mature exploration of a favorite #indyfringe topic: sex & relationships.
  • “Before Tomorrow” is a visually beautiful & emotionally satisfying collage of dance, words, & 3D painting-in-progress. #indyfringe
  • Great surprise to see Ben Asaykwee in “Ophelia’s Revenge.”  He is also in “Madwomen” this week at #indyfringe!
  • “Ophelia’s Revenge” is a hilarious mash-up of Shakespeare’s classics & classic zombie lore.  #indyfringe
  • “They Touch in Flood” is an unabashedly sexual dancing-with-words #indyfringe show.  Fun & erotic to watch.

In case you’re not familiar with Twitter.com, a word with a pound sign (#) is known as a “hashtag.”  It a signal that something is a topic.  It is distracting at first, but after a while you get used to seeing them.  Hashtags make it easier (at least while the trend is happening) to find everything that anyone has tweeted about a certain topic, assuming that everyone puts #indyfringe (or whatever the topic is) somewhere in each of their Indy Fringe-related tweets.

The tweets will disappear after a while though, which is not so great.

I am headed back downtown now to “toast the new season” presented by Broadway Across America.  Then I am going to try again to see “The Boy in the Basemen” at the Indy Fringe.  It was been sold out every time I’ve tried before.  Wish me luck!

The 2010 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival continues in six venues on and around Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) through Sunday, August 29, 2010.  For more information, please see the standard IndyFringe website – www.indyfringe.org – OR see the new and fabulously satisfying mobile version from your phone – www.m.indyfringe.org.

‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com and www.Twitter.com/IndyTheatre.

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  1. HOPE~

    I was so glad you made it out to the show last night! It’s always a joy to see you and to hear your take on what you’ve experienced. THANKS for joining us…and we’ll see how the bids turn out!


  2. It was my pleasure, Stephanie! Thank you for a wonderful show! I probably didn’t bid high enough for one of the paintings, but it was what I could afford. Anyway, I’ll keep my fingers crossed until I hear otherwise!

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