Curiosity Girl Goes to the 2010 Indy Fringe

I am back from my summer sabbatical.  Did you miss me?  I missed you.

I spent last evening tentatively plotting out what I’m going to see for the first five days of the 10-day 2010 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival.  If you plotted out your Fringe weeks ago, you might want to double-check the shows and schedules on the Indy Fringe website ( because there have been some last-minute changes.

I love the Indy Fringe.  In 2007, I received my first media pass ever to help cover the Fringe for Indiana Auditions.  Now I receive media passes year-round from all of the professional theatres in town to review shows for Indy Theatre Habit, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Fringe.

It is just such a great week!  As an actor friend once said, “It’s like summer camp for theatre people.”  He meant theatre artists, but it applies to theatre fans, too.  I love being in the midst of a wealth of creative risk-takers that have gathered from all over the planet (okay, from all over the USA plus, this year, Australia and Canada) to let us share their adventures in performance art.

And at the Indy Fringe, you can easily walk between the six venues.  This is not true of, say, the much larger New York City Fringe, or the original Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Also, you don’t have to plot out anything if you don’t want to.  Part of the fun of “fringing” is just going to whatever show strikes your fancy in the moment.

The Opening Night Carnival (also known as the preview night party) is tonight, Thursday, August 19, 2010 from 5:30-10pm in a big tent on Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indy, next to the Indianapolis Historic Fire Museum and Memorial, near the intersection of Mass. Ave. and College Ave.  I am sad that I won’t be able to attend the preview party this year.  It is a great way to “taste” the various shows.

The party is free if you go ahead and buy your $5 Fringe Backer Button, which you will need anyway during the festival.  You buy one Fringe Backer Button for $5 and then wear it the whole week.  That $5 goes to the IndyFringe organization to help cover administrative costs.  You show your Backer Button and pay $10 per show, and that money goes directly into the performer’s pockets after each performance.

I am curious about EACH of the 48 Indy Fringe shows this year, but even if it were possible to see all 48, I know I wouldn’t have the stamina.  I have plotted out 26 to take me through Wednesday.  After that, we’ll see.

Let the Fringing begin!

Hope Baugh – and

P.S. – Photo above is called “Fringe Scarf” and was taken by Inger Maaike.

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