After thinking about it for several days, I have decided to take a summer sabbatical from writing Indy Theatre Habit.

I need some time to learn more about the things I need to know in order to take this blog to the next level.  I also need some time to think about what “the next level” even means, or if I truly want to go there.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at amarylliswriter at gmail dot com.

I have not forgotten about interviewing actor/director/playwrights Matthew Roland and Amanda Wing, nor about writing about the new performing arts center being built in Carmel or the arts center that is proposed for Indy’s City Market.  I hope that people will continue to share their theatre-related news with me.  (Speaking of which, congratulations to Megan McKinney, new development director for the Indianapolis Civic Theatre!  Civic is lucky to get you, Megan!) 

You will probably also still see me out and about at the theatres this summer, taking notes.  I still love going to shows and I am still a compulsive note-taker, especially when I hear a line I love.  However, any writing I do about theatre this summer will be private, just for me.  I will write again publicly this fall. 

 (Update 6-15-10 – I stayed completely silent about theatre for oh, maybe 48 hours after I wrote this post.  Hah!  Then I started tweeting (micro-blogging) again on  So…please follow @IndyTheatre, if you like.  If you are not on Twitter but want to see just what I write, you can go to  I am also updating my 2010 directory here on Indy Theatre Habit as I see more shows.

But other than THAT I am not writing publicly about the shows I see this summer.) 

Last Friday night I went to a show and afterwards, as I was walking to my car behind a couple that had sat near me, I overheard the husband say to the wife, “Well, I’m glad we did that.” 

“Yes,” she said.  “That was fun!”

I think so, too.  ‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh –

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12 thoughts on “Sabbatical”

  1. Hope, I can certain understand the sabbatical. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to when you start writing again. By the way, Happy Birthday!

  2. This is good for you – everyone needs a break. But, I will probably still go to your site at least a couple of times a week out of habit. I will miss reading your thoughts.

  3. Hi Hope,
    A summer sabbatical sounds lovely. Glad to hear you will still be attending, even though not writing about, theaters around town.
    Look forward to reading your posts when you return.

    Best wishes,
    Elizabeth J. Musgrave

  4. Bummer for us. Yay for you. I love reading your blog and will surely miss it these next few months. However, I think a refueling time can be a great thing. So, enjoy!

  5. Hope,
    I hope you have a great summer. I always enjoy your writings and really look forward to your return. I hope you see some wonderful theatre while you’re away.

  6. Thanks very much, Charlie! I look forward to returning to writing Indy Theatre Habit again in the fall. I’m glad you will be here to read it.

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