A Little Bragging Plus Current Reviewing Plan

Guess what?  Someone from IndyStar.com contacted me a couple weeks ago to ask if I would be willing to a) be part of a new “directory of interesting local bloggers” and b) allow him to put “an icon representing the IndyStar blogger network in the rail” of my blog that would link back to the directory.  He said there would be “a small advertisement that would appear with the icon” and that he would “put a little bit of code in the background” of my blog to “count how many times the ad was displayed.”

He also said, “There were lots of blogs we looked at which didn’t make the cut, either because they weren’t updated frequently enough or because they just didn’t seem that interesting.  Yours was one of the blogs our group liked best.”

Is that flattering or what?!  That email MADE MY DAY on the day I received it, and I confess that I am still a little high from it.  I still feel like a baby when it comes to blogging and yet The Indianapolis Star – the “paper of record” in my home town – values my theatre reviews blog!  How cool is that.

Never mind that I have no idea where the “rail” of my blog is. I am sure the IndyStar guy could help me find it.

After a week of soul-searching, though, I turned down the invitation, mostly because I am not yet ready to have any kind of advertising links on my blog. 

It was not an easy decision because maybe my being part of the IndyStar’s local blogger network would have brought more attention to live theatre in the Indianapolis area, which is one of the main reasons I put 20+ hours a week into this blog in the first place. 

On the other hand, maybe my being part of the IndyStar’s blogger directory would have given them an excuse to fire their paid, professional arts reviewer.  They had better not be even THINKING of doing that!

So… I am flattered to have been contacted and I will be watching with interest to see which blogs do become part of the new directory.

In the meantime, here is my current work plan for my blog:

  • Write review of “The Twilight of the Golds” at The Theatre Within.  The show has one more weekend (two performances) and I would like to record my thoughts on it.
  • Write review of storyteller Peter Cook’s one-night only show and share information about storyteller Anne Shimojima, who will be telling stories and giving a workshop at the Indiana History Center on Saturday, April 10, 2010, courtesy of Storytelling Arts of Indiana and the Indiana Historical Society. (Update 3/25/10 – I am going to write about this out of order, after I write about “I Take This Man,” since the Peter Cook show was only one night but people can still see “I Take This Man” this weekend.) 
  • Write review of “Carousel” at the Indianapolis Civic Theatre and record recently-announced information about Civic’s next season. (Update 3/25/10: I will write about the new season separately.)  “Carousel” runs through March 28, 2010 (one more weekend) so I’ll just say quickly that it is a visually stunning show with lots of good songs and lots to think about.  I loved what Lou Harry from the Indianapolis Business Journal wrote about this show and Footlite Musicals’ production of “Oklahoma!” which I also saw last weekend.  I won’t have time to blog about “Oklahoma!” but I enjoyed it very much.  It runs one more weekend as well.
  • Write review of the Oaklandon Civic Theatre’s production of “I Take This Man.”  This show, too, has only one more weekend, so I’ll just say quickly that this show is wholesomely funny, like a TV sitcom, with a funny cast that includes a gorgeous man whose character stays in his underwear for most of the story. (Yum!)  CT’s theatre space is in a charming church whose raised stage has a real, old-fashioned red velvet curtain that someone pulls back by hand.
  • Attend opening night of “Becky’s New Car” at the Indiana Repertory Theatre.  Write review.
  • Attend media night of “Hello, Dolly!” at the Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre.  Write review.

I am still planning to share some thoughts on the new Palladium building in Carmel and the proposed arts center for downtown Indianapolis, as promised.  I am also looking forward to interviewing actor/director/playwright Matthew Roland about regrets, rewards, and his involvement in the upcoming DivaFest of plays by women at the Indy Fringe building.  I have also swapped emails with actor/director Donna Wing about interviewing her about how she and her husband came to found the Oaklandon Civic Theatre.

I hear other bloggers complain about not knowing what to write about and it makes me laugh.  In fact, I find that hard to imagine!  I sometimes struggle with the “how” of writing (aka “writer’s block”) but I never lack for writing topics for this blog.  I plan the work and I work the plan…I plan the work and I work the plan…I plan the work and I work the plan…

And since the work involves writing and going to the theatre, life is very, very good.

Thanks for reading.  ‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

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(I found the photo of a random happy baby, above, on the Creative Commons area of www.Flickr.com.  This photo is called “Happy Boy.”  It was taken by drcornelius.)

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  1. I will happily supply you with lots of pictures of laughing, happy baby boy, if you’re interested. 🙂

  2. Hah! Thanks, Rebecca! I actually thought of asking you for one but it was late at night and I was under a time crunch. Your baby definitely is a cutie, though. 🙂

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