Bah, Humbug! (Missed the IRT show last night)

Ben Tebbe (L) and Chuck Goad (R) in "A Christmas Carol" - photo by Julie Curry

(Updated with photo and final paragraph on December 2, 2009.)

So last night, my friend David and I drove to downtown Indianapolis to see “Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol,” adopted by Tom Haas, at the Indiana Repertory Theatre

I had actually plotted out a different reviewing weekend, with the opening night of “Our Stockings Are Stuffed: A Very Phoenix Xmas 4” on Friday night, “A Beef and Boards Christmas” on Saturday night, and the IRT on Sunday afternoon.  I hadn’t been to a show with David in a while, so I gave him first dibs on being my guest to any or all of these shows.  I knew that David is rarely available to see shows on Sunday afternoons, but I also knew that he has enjoyed going to the Phoenix and B&B with me in the past, so I thought he would pick either or both of those.

He did, but he also mentioned in passing that he has never been to the IRT.

“What?!  Really?” I said. “How can you be one of my best theatre buddies and never have been to the IRT?! How can I be your best theatre source and have let that happen?!”

I emailed my IRT and Phoenix contacts to see if I could switch my media passes.  They both very graciously agreed.  (Thank you again, Kelly and Lori!)

David and I left for the theatre in PLENTY of time…except that it was Tree-Lighting Night at Monument Circle.  The traffic was beyond bad, and although David drove expertly, and simultaneously kept me in hysterics with his jokes, when we finally pulled up at the IRT for the 7:00 show, the valet parking guys were long gone and the house manager was locking the front door.

Drat, drat, drat!

I ran through the Indianapolis theatre map in my mind to see what other shows were starting nearby at 8pm – shows that I wanted to see but didn’t have room for on my calendar, shows that I would be willing to just pay to see since I suddenly had an opening – and there were several.  “Peter Pan” at Footlite Musicals came immediately to mind, for example.  “A Christmas Carol Unscripted” would open at Comedy Sportz at 10 pm that night.  Maybe we could linger over dinner and then see that.

Shoot, maybe we could just go see a movie.

But I had really had my heart set on seeing Chuck Goad in the newest iteration of “A Christmas Carol” at the IRT.  This would have been my third time seeing this rich and wonderful holiday tradition. 

Drat.  Drat.  Drat. 

Ultimately, no other show would do right then, so we just decided to call it a night and go on home.

I don’t have an opening in my calendar until late December (February, really), so I guess I won’t be getting in on a media pass for this one after all, but I am determined to see it before it closes.  Maybe I (and David, too, if he is available) can show up some other time an hour before curtain and get half-price tickets.  I forget what the official theatre jargon word for that bargain is, but I know the IRT offers it.  You take your chances on where you will sit, but they can usually squeeze you in somewhere.

If I had a photo from the show I would post it here, but for some reason, the IRT does not provide me with photos until after I have actually seen each of their shows and emailed them again to ask for photos, so all you get are my words today.

‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh – and @IndyTheatre on 

P.S. – I just heard Sharon Gamble interviewing the IRT’s managing director, Steven Stollen, on her and Matthew Socey’s FM90.1 radio show, “The Art of the Matter.”  Steven said that Ben Tebbe plays Bob Cratchitt this year!  How did I not know this?!   Ben Tebbe AND Chuck Goad?!  I MUST see this show! Even if I have to put on knee socks and a plaid skirt and sneak in with the 1800+ school children that are seeing this show on field trips.

I just realized that the IRT has never sent me a press release about a show ahead of time, “only” media passes and invitations to parties.  I am very, very grateful for party invitations, but what I treasure even more is information.  My holy trinity as a theatre blogger is information, photos, and media passes.  I am going to talk to Santa about this.

But right now I’d better get going so that I don’t make David and me late to the Beef and Boards show tonight!

‘See you at the theatres…

P2S2 – Kelly Young sent me oodles of fun photos to go with this show, plus put me in the loop to receive IRT press releases. Yay!  (Thanks very much, again,  Kelly!  I really appreciate it.)  That is Ben Tebbe on the left, up there in the photo, and Chuck Goad on the right.  The photo was taken by

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