2009 Fringe: YES! We Are Back In The Video Business!

After a promising start, I was feeling discouraged about my new video project for my blog because one little interview that I made with a 2009 Indy Fringe Festival director on Sunday did not record at all and I couldn’t seem to get the other two to transfer from my iPhone to my YouTube account.  However, maybe YouTube was just having a bad day yesterday and the day before because today, all of my little Fringe videos transferred from my iPhone to my YouTube account with no problem.    The latest, which I made in my living room this morning, is above; the other two are below.

I was delighted when FringeNext performer Mathew (one “t”) Davis came up to me to say hello in the Earth House Cafe on Sunday.  The original poem that he recited at the Fringe Preview Party last Thursday night moved me to tears.  On this video, he tells a little about his very exciting plans for the future.  His FringeNext show is called, appropriately enough, “Ready for the Future.”  Note: Mat’s performance venue is the Fringe Building, which is just east of the intersection of College and Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis (within walking distance of the Earth House.)  Here’s Mat:

I had fun chatting with Les Kurkendaal, star of “The Attack of the Big Angry Booty,” outside the Earth House between shows on Sunday, too.  On the video, he talks about his own Fringe show and lets me hear first hand what happened to him when the luck of the fishbowl picked him to be the audience participator in another Fringe show called “55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs, and Audience Participation” at the Phoenix TheatreNote: Les’ performance venue this year is actually ComedySportz, not Earth House.  I’m sorry that the beginning and end of this video are trimmed a little “too close to the nail,” but I was afraid that the reason it was not loading to YouTube was because it was too long, and once you trim a bit of video on the iPhone, it’s gone forever.  But the video is only around 5 minutes, so it’s still a mystery to me what the problem was before.  Anyway, here’s Les:


Show times for these and all of the 2009 Indy Fringe Festival shows can be found on this page of the indyfringe.org website.

I’ve spent the day getting caught up with life maintenance stuff, including social networking, personal emails, and laundry. Now I just need to get caught up with writing about the shows I’ve seen.  However, it’s almost time to head back downtown to see some more!   So…please check back tomorrow for another bundle-o-reviews post.

In the meantime I will give a quick “hurray for win-win!” shout out to the cast and director of Fringe show “The Cask of Amontillado.”  They asked the audience not to take photos or make recordings of any kind during their opera show, which includes some gorgeous masks and costumes, BUT they promised to be available for photos immediately after the show.

And they were!  Is that a good compromise or what.

I was still too excited and delighted from the opera to hold my iPhone steady afterwards so I don’t have a good photo to share with you, but at least one other person took a photo with his regular camera.  I hope his turned out well for him.

‘See you at the Fringe!

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