2009 Indy Fringe: Preview Night Part One and Starting My Video Journaling Project


Last night, after I got off work from my day job, I drove to Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis to see the 2009 Indy Fringe Festival Parade and Preview Party.

I got there too late for the main part of the parade, but lots of people were still walking as parade followers so I fell in with them and headed towards the “Fringe Central Outdoor Stage” aka that big, striped tent at the intersection of College Ave and Mass Ave. 

The woman walking next to me said “Hello” and asked if I had ever been to the Fringe before.  I said yes, this was my third time.

“How about you?” I asked.

“Nobody I know has ever heard of it before.  I work part-time in a flower shop and all day today I was asking people if they knew what this Fringe Festival thing was, and no one knew.”

“Well,” I said.  “I’m glad you came anyway.  I bet you will have a great time.”

By then we were at the Fringe tent and people started handing us show postcards and saying, “Hi, Hope!” and I started saying, “Hi!  This is my new friend, Mittie!” and then we both, I think, started feeling overwhelmed by all the attention so we found seats inside the tent.

Mittie asked if I wanted to hang with her before she found out that “everyone knows Hope” (which is not true, but I can see why it might have felt that way to her last night.)  I hope she doesn’t regret starting up a conversation with me.  I had a great time hanging out with her.

I thought she would be an interesting first person to interview for my new little video journaling project, but I didn’t want to be one of those obnoxious people who record everything for the future instead of being awake and appreciative in the present, so I didn’t say anything to Mittie about my new iPhone.

But then a young man came up to me and said, “Are you Hope?  I was in The Scottish Play at the IRT and you wrote about me on your blog.  Thank you!”  It was Evan McCullough and I did enjoy and write about the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s production of “Macbeth” last year.  Evan played  a Young Soldier and Donalbain, Duncan’s son .

On the spur of the moment, then, I asked Evan if I could record him telling me about his FringeNext show, “Check Please 2.”  He agreed!  I’m afraid my very first 2009 Video Fringe Journal entry is too dark because we were inside the tent, but you can at least hear Evan’s voice and it was a good learning experience for me.  Thanks, Evan, for helping me, and break a leg with your FringeNext show this week!

(FringeNext, in case you don’t already know, refers to the youth theatre part of the Fringe – i.e., shows put on by high school and college students, usually under the sponsorship of their school or home theatre.  This year, all of the FringeNext shows are in the Fringe Building – a white, renovated church building just east of the intersection of College and Mass Aves.)

I am going to write about the actual show previews in a separate post.  I came home all excited about the shows, but then I stayed up way too late making my introduction video and uploading it to my new YouTube account.

However, I think I am now good to go as an informal video blogger (vlogger?) so if you want to look over my shoulder as I try this new thing, please subscribe to “IndyTheatreHabit” on YouTube.  Or, if you don’t want to set up your own YouTube account, just go to that link every once in a while to see what I’ve uploaded recently.  I hope to just record, trim, and upload little videos throughout the day while I’m doing the Fringe, so I won’t be linking to all of them from my main blog here until much later.

Now, what IndyFringe shows shall we see this week? Mittie said she was coming back on Saturday, but I have to decide what I’m going to see tonight!  Yay! (More about the shows in my next post.)

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com and @IndyTheatre on Twitter and IndyTheatreHabit on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2009 Indy Fringe: Preview Night Part One and Starting My Video Journaling Project”

  1. Hi Hope, It was so great to see you last night! I hope you know the local arts community really appreciates your dedication to covering so many events each year. I’m amazed you can fit so much in. And now VLOGGING, too? (I like that term.)

    I hope you and I can fit an actual conversation in sometime during the Fringe. And I want to thank you for your turning some attention to FringeNEXT. There are some (dare I join the overuse of this word?) awesome performances taking place in that little white building. Take care, I’ll look for you!

  2. Ain’t technology grand? Social media applications are contributing to the buzz about IndyFringe 2009 in a way I’ve never seen during previous years’ festivals. All this wonderful new technology makes it possible for everyone to have a voice in promoting and publicizing IndyFringe.

    Don’t forget we have to get together and do a podcast during IndyFringe 2009 again this year, OK? 🙂

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