Anticipating the 2009 Fringe: “Wanda and Rhonda…”

Tony McDonald and Adam O. Crowe in "Wanda and Rhonda..."

‘Continuing to work my way through my mail box while I wait for the main part of the 2009 Indy Fringe Festival to begin here in Indianapolis, Indiana…

Hey!  I am delighted to open an email from Paul Bancel, author of last year’s Fringe theatre show about Amelia Earhart, a piece called “Jealous Sky” that left me weeping.  Paul says:

Hi, Hope!

We’re fringing again this year but alas, no Amelia. Our performance this summer is Wanda and Rhonda’s Bitchin’ Bingo Bash! a show written and directed by Tony McDonald, featuring Tony and Adam O. Crowe.  Tony directed Jealous Sky and Adam played Fred Noonan. 

Our website is and here is a note from the program.

My best,

Paul L. Bancel

Wanda & Rhonda’s Bitchin’ Bingo Bash!

Opens Friday Aug 21 9:00 PM Comedy Sportz

If you liked Greater Tuna or Dos Fallopia, you’ll love playing Bingo in Wanda & Rhonda’s Bitchin’ Bingo Bash! Featuring local actors Adam O. Crowe and Tony McDonald, as Wanda and Rhonda, this is one Bingo game you won’t want to miss. These “girls” are no-holds-barred and a whole lotta fun.


“Wanda & Rhonda” sounds VERY different from a serious historical drama, doesn’t it?  But how cool that an artistic collaboration that began sort of by lucky accident with the 2008 Indy Fringe is continuing across time and across more than one type of show.

If you go to the W&R website you learn that this is a joint production by Paul’s company – Blue Sky Productions out of Ann Arbor*, Michigan – and Tony and Adam’s company – Arrowberry Productions out of Noblesville, Indiana.  Inquisitive Girl would like to know more details about that collaboration when she runs into Paul, Tony, and/or Adam at the Fringe.  For example: last year, Tony directed a play that Paul wrote, so is Paul directing Tony’s play this year?  Hmm.

Anyway, it sounds like a fun show.  I always enjoy Adam’s acting work when he appears at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre (most recently in “Annie,” I think) or in a Heartland Actors Repertory Theatre (HART) production such as last summer’s “The Merchant of Venice.”  And I’ve admired Tony’s creative determination ever since I saw his autobiographical solo show, “Lies My Parents Told Me,” staged at the now-defunct Alley Theater a couple years ago.  It will be interesting to see them together and in something completely different from anything else I’ve seen them in.

‘See you at the Fringe!

Hope Baugh – and @IndyTheatre on

*Hey!  One of my best friends from college, Mary Morgan, and her husband, David Askins , are the founders of the Ann Arbor Chronicle, an online newspaper.  I was just thinking about them today.  Small world, isn’t it?

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