Anticipating the 2009 Fringe: “The Rise of General Arthur”

"The Rise of General Arthur" - Phillip Low

I am DELIGHTED and honored that some of this year’s Fringe performers have started emailing me their press releases and publicity photos directly.  I am going to share them here on Indy Theatre Habit as a way of anticipating the 2009 Indy Fringe Festival, which will take place August 21-30 in various locations on and near Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis.   I can hardly wait!

By the way, if you are a Fringe performer and would like me to consider sharing your publicity info, please email it to me at amarylliswriter at gmail dot com.  Yes, I’m on Facebook, and yes, I check every day, but if you really want me to consider writing about you, please send me your info via email. 

If you have never written a press release (and even if you have) be sure to include the 5 W’s – WHO you are, WHAT your show is called, WHERE you will be performing, WHEN you will be performing, and WHY your show is of interest (which might include what it’s about and/or how you came to develop it, your experience, your biographical info, quotes from reviews in other cities, etc.)

If you can also attach a publicity photo, all the better!  I didn’t start out blogging with publicity photos, but now I am totally addicted to them.  I prefer photos of performers rather than photos of show posters or graphics.

Below is an excerpt from the first info I received this year from a Fringe performer.  How excellent that Phillip Low is a solo storyteller, one of my favorite forms of performance art!  He is based in Minneapolis.   Break a leg at the Indy Fringe, Phillip!

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Mailbox: New Liars Contest at the State Fair!

"Axe" photo by Ben Fulton

Guess what?  I am going to be one of three judges for a new liar’s contest at the Indiana State Fair on Sunday, August 16, 2009!  The other two judges will be two of my favorite sister storytellers, Sue Grizzell and Celestine Bloomfield.  There will be cash prizes!

So what do you say?  ‘Know any good stories? 

Details are below in the press release that Ellen Munds sent me from Storytelling Arts of Indiana.  It includes the contest rules and info about the prizes.  Oh, I am so excited about this!  I love listening to good stories told live.  I also love being one of the first to hear and see promising new tellers.  So, whether you are an experienced teller or not, I hope you will consider entering this contest!

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HART Party Last Weekend, New Show Next Weekend

Last year's HART production at White River State Park - photo by Ben Tebbe

I judged an Encore show last Friday night but, as usual, I am not allowed to tell you about it.  I have five more Encore shows to judge.  I can hardly believe my year as a busy-but-silent Encore judge is almost over!

A new show opened at Theatre on the Square this weekend and the Shakespeare group in Greenwood did another one-weekend-only show, and actually, there were tons of interesting theatre-related things going on.  I am sorry I couldn’t attend all of them.   On Saturday night I decided to take another little break from reviewing and accept an invitation to a theatre party instead.  Tom McTamney and his partner hosted a fundraiser in their beautiful home for the Heartland Actors Repertory Theatre (HART.)  Each of us paid $30 to get in.

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Theatre Review: “The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel” at the Phoenix

Sarah M. Grant and Elena Marisa Flores - photo by

Last Thursday, still semi-exhausted from a long business trip for my day job, I looked at my calendar and thought, “Yikes!  A Midwest premiere is opening at the Phoenix tonight!”  I fired off a frantic e-request for a media pass and drove downtown.  I regret not asking one of my usual theatre buddies to go with me on my media pass.  They all would have enjoyed this piece, I think.  It is odd but likable. 

It is also beautiful and sexy and thought-provoking, and I would like to see it again.  Maybe I can get one of my buddies to buy tickets with me.  Every performance of this show is a Duke Energy Cheap Seats Night. (I.e. – $15 per regular adult ticket instead of the usual $25.)  Hmm.

Anyway, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel,” by Nicholas Wardigo, is about two women – an endearingly earnest scholar and a sex toy-selling cutie-pie – who talk over the title topic between wash loads at the local Laundromat. 

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Playing Catch-Up

Sarah M. Grant and Elena Flores in "The Do's and Don'ts of Time Travel"

I am back from my blog vacation.  Did you miss me? 

I am working on a review of the Midwest premiere of “The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel,” a play by Nicholas Wardigo that opened this weekend at the Phoenix Theatre.  Short version: It is a beautiful, sexy, thought-provoking science fiction piece that is worth seeing more than once.

I also hope to write a little something about what it was like to meet Gregory Maguire, author of the book Wicked, on which the Broadway musical was based.

I also have a mailbox filled with other exciting theatre and storytelling news.  I will share that will you shortly, too.

Hope Baugh –

Twitter: IndyTheatre

(Photo above by Julie Curry.)

Mailbox and Vacation

"Relaxing" photo by Alessandro Valli

I will be on a blog vacation from now until July 19, 2009.  I hope you won’t forget about Indy Theatre Habit during that time.  More importantly, I hope you won’t forget about going to the theatre!  

There is a lot going on in terms of live storytelling and theatre in the Indianapolis area in the next couple of weeks.  Even if I weren’t taking a blog vacation, I would be wishing I could be three places at once.  Below are some items from my e-mailbox, in random order, to give you some ideas of what to see while I’m off.  If you feel like it, I hope you will leave a comment telling me about what I missed.

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A First and Fourth Viewing of “Octopus”

"Takoyaki Inside" photo by Sara Goldsmith

I wasn’t going to write about my fourth viewing of “Octopus” at the Phoenix Theatre, but then “Debby” (I know her full name but she does not review frequently so I am not sure she wants her full name to be public) wrote about her first viewing of it on Indiana Auditions, and I couldn’t help writing back, especially since I have the day off from my day job today.  Below are both of our posts to the full thread on IA:

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Mailbox: More Playwright News and NNPN News

Playwright Steven Yockey

Yes!  Remember how I said a few days ago that I had some other playwright news that I was waiting to confirm before I shared it with you? 

I have been too busy even to make a phone call, but today I happened to receive confirmation of one those bits via a press release that I received from Jason Loewith, Executive Director of the National New Play Network c/o Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company.

Steven Yockey, author of “Octopus,” which is currently having its Midwestern premiere here in Indianapolis at the Phoenix Theatre, has been selected for one of three Emerging Playwright Residencies sponsored by the National New Play Network.  Steve’s residency will take place at the Marin Theatre Company in Mill Valley, California.

Congratulations both to Steve and to the Marin Theatre Company!  Yay, Mill Valley, too!

Jason’s press release also informed me that our own Phoenix Theatre has received an award from the National New Play Network’s Continued Life of New Plays Fund to participate in a three-way rolling world premiere of a new play called “Sunlight,” by Sharr White. 

Congratulations, Phoenix!  Yay, Indianapolis, too!  I don’t know anything about “Sunlight” yet, but I don’t really need to know anything about it in order to look forward to it.  When Phoenix Artistic Director Bryan Fonseca and his team select a play, I know it is worth seeing.

Below is the full press release with all kinds of exciting National New Play Network news.  As you know, here at Indy Theatre Habit we love reading the whole thing.  Speaking of the Phoenix, I am heading there now to see “Octopus” for the fourth time.  This Wednesday night performance is a Cheap Seats Night.  There will be no performance this Saturday, July 4, 2009.

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