More Bronchitis Rescheduling

"The Ladies' Man" at the IRT - photo by

You know I have been sick with bronchitis this whole past week, right?  I cancelled my media passes for the Phoenix’ new show last night.  Today I cancelled my media passes for the official opening night of “The Ladies’ Man” at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, too.

I was going to just let “Ladies’ Man” go all together, not try to reschedule.   It only runs through March 22, 2009.  Also…well, I see a lot of shows, but I can’t see everything, right?  And when the IRT’s 2008-2009 season was announced at a special media breakfast last year (my first media breakfast!) I thought, “Farce?  Not my favorite thing.”

But I also thought then that if anyone could make me give farce another chance, it would be the IRT.

And then this week IRT communications person Kelly R. Young sent me a wealth of publicity photos that Julie Curry had taken of “The Ladies’ Man.”   It was hard to pick just one photo for this blog post.  Look at that gorgeously detailed set!  Look at those rich period costumes!  I am sorry I can not tell you who designed them.

Also…from the cast list on the IRT’s Facebook page, the only actor I recognize is Jennifer Johansen, but I love her work.  ShadowApe Theatre Company’s production of “Transformations” is one example; the IRT’s production of “Macbeth” is another.  I would like to be introduced to the seven other “Ladies’ Man” actors’ work as well.

I decided I didn’t care if it is a farce or that I have been sick.  I don’t want to miss a chance to see this show.

So I’m going Sunday night instead.  Surely I will be at least relatively healthy by then!

Abby at the IRT’s box office was very helpful when I called to switch my tickets.  I don’t think many people know about the IRT’s Sunday night show times.  7:00 on Sunday night is an unusual time for a live theatre show in Indianapolis, but it is becoming one of my favorite times because it feels so relaxed.  I had to switch my tickets for “Crime and Punishment,” too.  That time it was because my heater had broken and I had to stay home on Friday afternoon to let in the repair person. (In case you were wondering.)

You don’t get any gourmet snacks at the Sunday evening performance of opening weekend at the IRT, nor do you get to walk around back stage.  On the other hand, if you are prone to fits of shyness, like I am, you don’t have to schmooze or be schmoozed.  And metered street parking downtown is still at the weekend rate (free.)

I hope to be back on track soon, giving you less information about my health, and more information about live theatre in the Indianapolis area.  As always, thanks for reading.

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