Mary Potts Celebration

Last November, Indianapolis actress Mary Potts passed away.   She did not want a funeral.  Her friends have been planning a celebration of her life.  It will take place this Saturday.  Below is an excerpt from the email that Joe Lackner sent me about it: 

Dear Friends of Mary,

A reminder that this Saturday 2/7/2009, is Mary’s celebration.   We are trying our best to do Mary proud.  There will be a gathering beginning at 1 pm.  We will have all of Mary’s theatrical history albums out for perusal. ( I believe there are 12.)

At 2 pm we will begin the Celebration,  (program/service/show.)   After the Celebration we will have a toast in the lobby and fellowship.  Food & beverages will be served.  Please share this info with anyone you feel will be interested. 

Buck Creek Playhouse, 317-862-2270 11150 Southeastern Avenue
Indianapolis, IN  46259

  1. From the greater Indianapolis area, take I-465 to 
    I-74 East (Cincinnati).  
  2. Go to Acton Road (Exit #99) and turn left.
  3. Go underneath the interstate until you come to a “T” in the road 
    and turn right.  
  4. The playhouse will be on the left as you 
    round the corner.
  5. There is a small green road sign at the entrance with buck creeks name on it.  Watch for this, you won’t see the theater itself as it is hidden around the bend.

I will be there.

In the meantime, I have been working on two reviews: “To Kill a Mockingbird,” now playing at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, and “Enchanted April,” now playing at the Indianapolis Civic Theatre.   However, I am also gearing up to teach the graduate-level storytelling workshop again for the School of Library Information Science at IUPUI.  It is six Saturday mornings spread out over the next three months, and the first one is this Saturday!   Also, things at my day job are very busy.   So…it will be a few days before I can complete either review. 

If you have been wondering whether or not you should see either show, my answer, of course, is always “Yes!  Go see it and form your own opinion!” 

But I will also tell you that I was glad I went to see “Mockingbird” because it gave me fresh food for thought about honesty as well as racism.  I couldn’t always understand what the children were saying, but they were charming anyway, and there were some very powerful performances by the adult actors, especially in the second act. 

And I was glad I went to see “Enchanted April” because it is romantic and literary.  It made me want to sigh and sip tea with my pinkie curled and then hug my boyfriend.

More later…

Hope Baugh –

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