“Of the People” Is Up and Running – THANK YOU!

Abraham Lincoln photo by Alexander Hessler - courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society 

If you have been reading my blog all along, you know that for the past six months I have been working on a commission from the Indiana Historical Society and Storytelling Arts of Indiana.  It is part of their “Sharing Hoosier History through Stories” collaboration.

Well, yesterday (Sunday), I premiered it!

I learned a lot from the premiere, and I have a lot of notes for myself about how to improve the program for the future, but I also had a wonderful time during this first public sharing of it.  My “high” afterwards was due in large part to the attentive, supportive listening of the 88 people who attended.

THANK YOU, everyone!

The collaboration between Storytelling Arts and the IHS includes grant money to help museums, historical societies, libraries, and other organizations who would like to host this new Lincoln program during 2009, which is the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.  For more information, please call Erin Kelley, Coordinator of Public Programs for the Indiana History Center, at 317-234-0427.

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

P.S. – During the impromptu “Lincoln stories swap” at the end of my premiere on Sunday, one person told about how the Lincolns had had to ask several couples before they found two people who were available and willing to go with them to the theatre to see “Our American Cousin” on April 14, 1865.

I loved that he told that story.  I added that I sympathized with the Lincolns because sometimes it is hard for me to find people to go with me to the theatre, too, and I get free tickets! 

I want to clarify that it is not hard to find people who want to go to theatre “more often” but it is sometimes very time-consuming to pin down who is going to what with me when.  So far, I have only met one person (Joe Boling) who wants to go to five shows a weekend the way I do, and no person who is free to go with me to all five shows.  That’s why I said I am always looking for more theatre buddies to add to my list.

I have enjoyed “sharing the wealth” of my media passes with Dawn, Adrienne, Chris, Susan G., Ned, Dane, Jack, David, Trevor, Sandra, Christine, Dan, and Kristin (I think that’s everyone.)  I want to make sure I say clearly to these people, “I enjoy going to the theatre with you, and I will definitely ask you again!”


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