A Very Full Weekend!

This past weekend was crazy-busy(!) but deeply satisfying.  I judged two Encore shows but also heard and saw a wealth of creativity and talent that I am allowed to write about.  Coming soon:

I’ll also just mention quickly that late last Saturday night I was in the neighborhood so I popped in to see my favorite drag performers at the Talbott Street Nightclub.  For one of her numbers, the truly beautiful Vicki St. James personified Sarah Palin singing Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five.”  Vicki’s artistry is hilarious and mesmerizing, no matter what your politics are in real life. 

All of the club’s staff members were wearing “Avenue Q” t-shirts.  I wish I could see that show, too, while it is in town!  However, I enjoyed reading Lisa Gauthier’s and Rita Kohn’s articles in Nuvo about it, plus Whitney Smith’s on the indy.com website of the Indianapolis Star.

Your theatre habit may not be as extreme as mine – and for your health and your wallet, I kind of hope it isn’t! – but I also hope that you are getting to enjoy at least a little of the creative wealth that Indy has to offer.

More soon…

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

4 thoughts on “A Very Full Weekend!”

  1. Hope, I can’t believe you were at Talbott and didn’t come see me! I was working upstairs in Sky Bar.

    Avenue Q is still running so it’s not too late. The Talbott Street crew is going Tuesday night.

    Vicki’s (with an “i”) Sarah Palin is truly one of the most entertaining drag performances I’ve seen. So, so funny.

  2. Nate, I _THOUGHT_ I had seen your piercing blue eyes!

    I didn’t know the general public was allowed upstairs. Some time you’ll have to show me how to get up there.

    Thanks for the corrections. I corrected my post, too.

    I am already completely and crazily booked for next weekend, too, and have day job responsibilities on the weeknights of “Avenue Q,” but I would love to hear what you think of it! Please leave me another comment afterwards if you have time!

  3. Avenue Q was great! Next to Rent and Wicked it was the best musical that I’ve seen live. Very original and entertaining. I’ve been a fan of the soundtrack for a while but many of the songs were even better when you watch what’s happening on stage as well. (“You Can Be Loud as the Hell You Want When You’re Making Love”) If there was a weakness it was the actors playing “humans”. I don’t have my program in front of me so I don’t have their names, but Christmas Eve, Brian, and Gary Coleman were just ok. Christmas Eve didn’t wow me with “The More You Ruv Someone” which is one of my favorite songs from the show. Brian was kinda bland, and Gary Coleman didn’t project very well, especially while singing.

    But that’s just me being picky. It was a great show. The logistics of the puppets really impressed me. Actors passing puppets back and forth so they could go play another character, actors doing voices for two characters during the same scene… it was great.

    The only major negative wasn’t the shows fault. Clowes apparently didn’t bother turning on the air before the show so from the moment we walked in we were fanning ourselves with our programs… by the end of Act I we were dripping with sweat. I talked to people who saw the show the following night and apparently that issue was resolved.

    Great show. Go see it! It’s pricey but worth it. Closes Sunday, I believe.

  4. Yay! Thanks very much, Nate, for taking the time to write this for me and my other blog readers. I really appreciate it, and I am delighted that you, overall, liked the show.

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