08 Fringe: Lou Harry’s Summary

I still have several Fringe reviews to write, but in the meantime I want to direct you to an article that Lou Harry wrote for the August 30, 2008 edition of the Indianapolis Busines Journal.

In it, he talks about the Fringe being interesting on both the macro and micro levels.   He addresses the various complaints that people have about the Fringe, too.  But here is my favorite part of the article:

“What is IndyFringe about?” I’ve been asked by the uninitiated.

The answers always seem contradictory. The festival is about professional artists from around the world and amateurs from around the world. It’s about ego deserved and ego undeserved. It’s about shows that make you feel like you never, ever, ever want to see another play again. And it’s about shows that restore your hope. Sometimes with only a 40-minute break in between.

He ends by saying that he is looking forward to next year’s Fringe.

Me, too!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

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