08 Fringe: Becki still needs volunteers!

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Becki Roach, the volunteer coordinator for the 2008 Indianapolis Fringe Festival, told me that they still need several volunteers to staff their box office tables, usher, and do other things.  There are evening shows all this week and the second Fringe weekend is coming up! 

If you have some time you could give, please sign up to volunteer via the Fringe website.  Here is a direct link to the Volunteers page:  http://www.indyfringe.org/volunteers.php 

Or give the Fringe Volunteer Hotline a call at 317-869-6660. 

See also Becky’s comment, below.

I also want to applaud Becki and all of the volunteers who have already worked very hard to make our Fringe possible.  I met a volunteer named Mary yesterday who said she had volunteered for every Indy Fringe since the first one, four years ago.   Jim, Sue G., the other Sue, Paula, Delores, Dawn, Ron, and many others have also been hard at work for the past several days, first getting things set up for the Fringe and now running it.

On the second day of the Fringe, I was delighted to run into Kay, whom I had met at the festival last year.  She had moved away to Texas but now is back in Indiana and volunteering again at the Fringe.  We hugged and renewed our memberships in the Phil Van Hest Fan Club.  We love “Phil the Void.”

I don’t know if Justin, Bob, Shawn, and the other Fringe staff have paid positions or not, but I want to applaud their hard work, too.  Paid or not, they have been literally running around (or biking around or flying around or driving around or…) on Mass. Ave. making the Fringe work.

I am having SUCH a good time this week.  Thank you, everyone!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com

3 thoughts on “08 Fringe: Becki still needs volunteers!”

  1. Hope,

    Thanks for the plug! I’m sure it will help.

    Correction on the tickets: Officially its 1 ticket for every 3 shifts worked, if you are box office, you get 2 and if you work next weekend, you get them in advance just for signing up for shifts. As Jim mentioned, if you are an Usher or House Manager you will most likely get to see the show anyway, as long as its not sold out. We want to take care of our performers the best we can! You also receive your own collectable backer button and official Fringe polo. And last, but not least – Our UNDYING GRATITUDE!

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