Introducing Mailbox Mondays

Me shouting, “Mailbox Monday!” Photo by Michael Ries

I swear I had this idea last week, BEFORE the 2008 Blog Indiana conference this past weekend.  But the fact that one of my new blogging heroes, Renee Wilmuth, also has “Empty the Refridgerator Fridays” confirms to me that I have a good idea here.

My blog statistics show that people check my blog on Mondays more than any other day.  However, on Mondays, I am usually still percolating on the shows I just saw.  I have not finished writing about them.  So… from now on, every Monday morning (or possibly late Sunday night) I am going to post theatre-related items from my mailbox that I think will be of interest to you: selected press releases, etc.

If there is nothing in my mailbox that I want to share, well, one of these days I am going to learn how to have a little box at the side that directs you to my most frequently-read posts.  Pat East recommended this at his session on “Web Analytics” at the 2008 Blog Indiana conference this past weekend.

‘Speaking of that conference, at the panel discussion of “Building Community Around Your Blog,” everyone on the panel talked about the importance of “transparency.”  Bil Browning, I think it was, mentioned the importance of a blogger having a photo of him- or herself in the “About” page.  People feel better knowing what “their” blogger looks like.

Also, when I offered up my own blog to be critiqued at the “Blog Review” session, people praised the publicity shots and said they wished there was a photo accompanying each post. 

Well, I already had a photo of myself on my “About the Reviewer” page, and I am not going to post generic images of the comedy-tragedy masks or whatever just to be posting a photo with each post, but in honor of my new “Mailbox Mondays” category, I am sharing another of the 90+ photos that Michael Ries took of me earlier this year.


And now for a few Mailbox Monday posts…

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