Cohenhour’s New Gig: Muse/”Mafia Daughter”

LtoR - Erin Cohenour, Luke McConnell, Scott Martin in Five Course Love at TOTS

Actor Erin Cohenour emailed me to say that her co-star in “Die, Mommie! Die,” Mike Ferruzza, was inspired to write a new play with her in mind.  She gave me a link and said, “He just finished it and now we’re trying to build interest.”

Notice of this new play also came through my generic feed on Facebook, so I’m going to assume it is okay to mention it here, too.

I have several huge stacks of books that I need to read and review for my day job before the end of the year, so I know I won’t have time to read any scripts for a while.  But if you get a chance to read Ferruza’s new script, and if you know Cohenour’s work, would you mind imagining her in the title role and telling me what you think?

The photo above is from “Five Course Love,” a show she did at Theatre on the Square not too long ago.   I saw it twice.  I have also seen and written about her work in “Unmerciful Good Fortune” at the Alley Theater.  I don’t have a photo from that show or “Die, Mommie! Die” because they were before I had started asking for publicity shots for my blog.  Ah, well.

Hope Baugh –

2 thoughts on “Cohenhour’s New Gig: Muse/”Mafia Daughter””

  1. Thank you, Hope! And I do have some pics from Die Mommie Die, but they are truly wretched and to protect my own image I won’t release them (let’s just say I wore a very unfortunate wig in the press pictures… probably why the only ones used were of Mike and Brent!)

    I would be remiss not to stress that Mike is really the brains behind this project. He has written an incredible script with a great concept all from one offhand comment. Check out his website at .

  2. MAFIA DAUGHTER is a comical/dramatic spoof on the gangster genre of The Sopranos, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, A Bronx Tale and more. It is a 3 act comedy about a young girl from a NY “family” who goes from maiden to ‘made’. The play follows her “family” life from wallflower in 1958 to head of the family in 1970.

    Mafia Daughter was inspired by actress Erin Cohenour during a performance of Die! Mommie! Die! at Theatre on the Square in Indianapolis. While in the dressing room and before for the second act of that particular show, she remarked to the author that (sans toupee and wearing a bathrobe and old wife beater T-shirt) he looked like a mafia don and should write a play for her about being a mafia daughter or princess. The idea took off and a few months later, Mafia Daughter was completed. Erin was truly the muse for this project. And next to my own Jessica, she has become my “second” daughter!

    The author hopes you enjoy the Mafia Daughter experience. Please visit the Mafia Daughter promo page by visiting:

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