I Know a Secret!

After I saw “The Producers” at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre tonight (review to follow soon) I got to chat with Eddie Curry.  He co-stars in “The Producers” with B&B’s artistic director, Douglas E. Stark, and serves as the B&B’s producer/casting director.

Curry told me some very exciting news about B&B’s upcoming season but swore me to secrecy about the details until the season has been announced.  So….here’s me playing gossip columnist and talking AROUND the news:

A certain show in B&B’s upcoming season will be an original musical based on a classic story whose title alone makes me shiver in anticipation. 

The book was written by a very sexy, very talented male B&B star.  (Okay, yes.  I have another crush.  That gorgeous man can sing AND write?) 

The music was written by a very talented and hugely busy B&B director. (I want to take lessons from him on time management and productivity! For all I know, he may be sexy, too.  I haven’t met him yet.)

The show has been produced in only one other theatre.  The production at B&B will be a second sort of workshop production.  Then it will go to a 3rd “higher level” theatre and then, they hope…to Broadway!  Wouldn’t that be cool, to be able to say that we (the Indianapolis audience) were part of the process that got a show to Broadway?

Curry will play one of the characters.  Indianapolis director/actor Ty Stover may also play one of the characters.  Stover will, in any case, play a prominent role in another B&B show this coming season.  I was delighted to hear that because a) he gave me a lot of useful advice and encouragement when I first started writing about theatre on IndianaAuditions.com last summer and b) I enjoyed the hilariously gross show about zombies that he directed for the Indy Fringe Festival last summer.  I’ll look forward to his B&B appearance this year.

And that’s my scoop for this evening.

Coming soon: a review of Wayne Township Commnity Theatre’s “Pippin,” a review of Beef and Boards’ “The Producers,” and a spur-of-the moment Conversation with Eddie Curry.

3 thoughts on “I Know a Secret!”

  1. It was such a pleasure chatting with you after the show last night. Again, I applaud you for being such a solid champion of the Indy arts scene. I did want to clarify just one thing. Ty Stover is a fabulous musical theatre talent. I did tell you that Ty would be playing a prominent role in a prominent show next season, but that show is not the same show that I gave you the “inside scoop” on. Now this is not to say that Ty won’t be in that show as well, but the full casting process has not started as of yet for the 2009 season. Just a point of clarification. Keep up the great work IndyTheatreHabit, people like you and Lou Harry of IBJ are priceless to the Indy theatre community!

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Eddie! I tweaked my post accordingly.

    And thanks again for your time last night.

    I agree with you about Lou.

  3. Honestly, when I read the line “story whose title alone makes me shiver in anticipation” made me think of Rocky Horror and I kinda wet myself a little with excitement…then I read further and realized that wasnt what ya ment *L*

    Ah well…

    I love me some Ty Stover! Glad hes going to be back this season. Hes always a stand out in anything I see him in.

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