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Yesterday, as I was getting a long overdue haircut and telling the hairdresser about my latest creative project, I realized that the main reason I have no love life is NOT because a) I am fat, b) I am middle-aged, c) I have fits of shyness sometimes, d) my day job is in a female-dominated profession, or e) I moonlight as a performance evaluator and therefore intimidate the hell out of a lot of men.

No, the main reason is that there is no wiggle room in my life, no TIME for a man to squeeze his way in to my days or my nights.


But I don’t want to give up any of the activities I already love – my day job, my blog, my book award committee, or my gardening – nor am I sorry I said “yes” to any of my three newest projects.

So there you go.

My three newest projects are:

1.  I will teach the 1.5 credit Workshop on Storytelling for grad students working on their Master of Library Science (MLS) degrees via the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at Indianapolis University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) again this spring.  It has been a few years since I taught it last, so I will need to overhaul my syllabus and probably decide on a new textbook by this fall.

2.  I will serve as an Encore Association judge for the 2008-2009 season.  According to Encore’s website, “The Encore Awards are awarded for excellence in Community Theatre in and around the Indianapolis area. There are currently 11 member theatres in the Encore Association.  Net proceeds from the Awards Ceremony benefit the Jean Cones Memorial Student Scholarship Program.”  Encore theatres are run completely by volunteers.

The first two times someone asked me to apply to be an Encore judge, I declined because I like to write about theatre as I judge it.  As an Encore judge, I will not be allowed to blog (or write anywhere, or even chat) about the shows that I see at Encore theatres.

But when Encore president Rich Baker asked me to apply, I decided the third time was the charm and said, “Yes.”  After writing, my second favorite thing is learning, and I am sure that I will learn a lot from working with the other Encore judges and the Encore board.   I hope that the Encore Association will be glad they asked me to join their team.

I will still be able to write publicly about the many other theatres in town, though, so don’t worry about my blog fizzling out.

3.  I have accepted a commission from the Indiana Historical Society and Storytelling Arts of Indiana to create a 90-minute storytelling piece to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, to be performed for the first time at the Indiana History Center in downtown Indy on Sunday, January 18, 2009 and possibly other times and places throughout the state during 2009 and beyond.

I will write more about this last project in future posts.  I would like to share part of my creative process with you.

Please wish me luck with all of this!

By the way, my next blog post will be about a conversation I had with Jim LaMonte and Jeremy Tuterow about the new facility for the Spotlight Players.  In the meantime, I hope to see you at the theatres!  There are several fun community theatre shows opening around town this weekend.

Hope Baugh –

5 thoughts on “Three New Projects”

  1. Congratuations, Hope! All of those projects sound really exciting and fascinating. I know you’re going to do a great job for all of them.

  2. Thanks very much, Austin!

    Say, I have a couple of books I have been meaning to ask you about, to see if you have read them and, if so, what you thought of them. I’ll have to send you a message after I get to the library, though.

    Thanks, again.

  3. Re: Encore judging
    We will miss your commentary on local theatre – however, I think you will be a more than insightful judge and congratulate you on your choice to be one.

    Re: teaching
    If you are like me, you find teaching to be an extraordinarily satiisfying endeavor…I wish you luck with your class.

    I am going to be teaching a non-credit class for IUPUI Continuing Studies in Sept. – Vocal Expression.

  4. Thanks very much, Ken!

    In some ways, I think I am more valuable to the local theatre community as a commentator – because who else is consistently doing what I’ve been doing, especially now that Joe Boling is taking a break from commenting on IA?

    However, I want to see as many shows as I can, I want to be of service, and I can not afford to keep paying for the number of tickets that I have been buying each weekend. Being an Encore judge feels a little selfish to me, in some ways, but ultimately it makes sense for me.

    As an Encore judge, I will still (I hope) be a help to the volunteer theatre community – especially since it is, apparently, difficult to find people who are obsessed with theatre but who have no interest in working on the shows – but I will get in free to all of the theatres who told me they could not afford to give media passes. I will only have to pay for my transportation (a not insignificant cost!) and give up my time (also not an insignificant thing.)

    I will not get to write or talk about any of the shows, but on the other hand, I will not HAVE to write or talk about any of the shows. I will not have to worry about anyone (in the Encore Association, anyway) feeling left out.

    So…I am going to try it for a year. I will do my best to be a fair judge.

    And I am looking forward to being able to continue to see a lot of shows!

    Re: teaching
    I agree with you that teaching adults who are in class because they want to be is a very satisfying activity.

    I taught three semesters of W131 Intro to Composition at IUPUI a long time ago. I also taught English in Japan for five years.

    More recently, I have team-taught a 3-credit, graduate-level seminar on Young Adult Literature for IU’s School of Library and Information Science. This will be the fourth time that I have taught the storytelling class. I have also trained storytellers in other venues, including docents at the Eiteljorg Museum and the monthly storytellers at Riley Hospital for Children.

    I wish you luck with your classes, too. THe “Vocal Expression” class at IUPUI this fall sounds exciting!

  5. Wow Hope congratulations on all of your endeavors!
    I think your will be an amazing judge for Encore, and I’m sure many will learn from you as well! You will be greatly missed as a reviewer.
    You lead an exciting full life, how in the world could you even think about squeezing a man in there?
    Good Luck,

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