Six Months – THANK YOU!

It has been six months since I started this blog.  This month, for the first time, my blog received over 2000 unique visitors and more than 55,000 hits.

(2194 and 55, 379, to be exact, as of “close of business” yesterday.)

So I would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading my blog.

Thank you very much!

Up next: a review of the bizarre but enjoyable show now playing at Theatre on the Square, followed by a Conversation with Stephen Hollenbeck, costumer extraordinaire.

Hope Baugh –

Theatre Review: “Murderers” at the Phoenix

Gayle Steigerwald, Dawn Glover, Shane Chuvalas, photo by Julie Curry

On Friday night, my friend Chris and I drove downtown to the Frank and Katrina Basile underground space at the Phoenix Theatre to see the midwestern premiere of Jeffrey Hatcher’s “Murderers.”  Both of us thought of several friends and family members who would love the humor, the creepiness, and the procedural details in this connected trio of murder mystery monologues.

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Theatre Review: All Alike Productions’ “Bare: the Musical”

The cast of bare

On Thursday night I drove to the Wheeler Arts Community building in the Fountain Square neighborhood on the near south side of Indy to see the Indiana premiere of “bare.”

Now THIS is a high school musical.  The honest kind that, for better or worse, won’t get produced in any high school that I know. Continue reading Theatre Review: All Alike Productions’ “Bare: the Musical”

Theatre Review: “The Wiz” at the American Cabaret Theatre

LtR: Stephen Dougherty Koch, Jr., Jessica Murphy, Cosmo Clemens, Patrick Rogers, Allan Washington in the “The Wiz” at the ACT

Last Friday night I drove downtown to the American Cabaret Theatre to see “The Wiz.” 

I didn’t realize it was their summer youth production, and probably I would not have gone if I had been paying better attention, because I have promised to focus on adult productions for this blog and I don’t have time to see all of the adult productions around town as it is.  However, once I let go of my guilt and recalibrated my expectations, I enjoyed the production very much.  There are a number of treats in this completely family-friendly show.

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Theatre Review: ATI’s “The World Goes Round”

LtoR: Melissa Schott, Cynthia Collins, Duane McDevitt, Judy Fitzgerald, Bradley Reynolds

On Saturday night I drove to the northwest side of Indy to the Pike Performing Arts Center to see the Actors Theatre of Indiana‘s production of “The World Goes Round: The Songs of Kander & Ebb.”  This revue was conceived by Scott Ellis, Susan Stroman, and David Thompson, and directed by ATI’s c0-founder and Producing Artistic Director, Don Farrell.  The show closed on Sunday, so this review won’t help you decide whether or not to go see it, but I want to record some thoughts about it anyway. 

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Theatre Review: ShadowApe’s “Transformations”

Cast and selected designers from ShadowApe’s “Transformations”

Last night (Thursday night), I drove to the Butler University campus to see a new show by the professional, collaborative ShadowApe Theatre Company.  “Transformations” is an original adaptation based on the poetry of Anne Sexton.  These particular poems are based on twelve stories from the brothers Grimm.

This show is a treat.  And I’m not just saying that because I am a story lover.

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Congratulations to Megan McKinney!

Megan McKinney I love getting press releases, especially when they convey reasons to congratulate someone I like and admire.

Today I received a press release from Christopher J. Tolzman, Director of Development & Marketing for the Fine Arts Society.   It says:

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A New Home for the Spotlight Players

New location for Spotlight Players

About a month ago, right before I saw “Voices from the High School,” I met Jeremy Tuterow and Jim LaMonte outside the Spotlight Players’ new location at 524 Main Street in Beech Grove for a tour.  Spotlight’s Board of Directors includes several talented men and women, but I think of these two directors, in particular, as “the Spotlight Guys.”  Maybe it’s just because I have run into them often at other theatres’ shows.

Anyway, I was grateful to get a tour of the new place.  I also loved hearing a little about their adventures in procuring it and their hopes and dreams for what it might mean for the future of the Spotlight Players.

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Blog Indiana Conference August 19-20, 2008

I have signed up to attend the 2008 Blog Indiana Conference next month (August 19-20.)  Attendees who have already registered (and who are, one assumes, all bloggers) are supposed to post on their blogs this morning the fact that there are only 30 days left in which to register.

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Theatre Review: “Art” as a Shared Stage Production

The cast of Art, left to right:  Earl Campbell II, Larry Adams, Daniel Shock

On Sunday evening, after finally mowing my yard for the first time in three weeks(!), I drove to the west side of Indy to Ben Davis High School’s performing arts center to see the Carmel Community Players’ production of “Art” in Wayne Township Community Theatre’s space.  “Art” was written by Yasmina Raza.  This particular production was directed by Ken Klingenmeier and produced by Kim Howard.

I loved this production the first two times I saw it, back in March, in Carmel.  I loved how it made me think deeply about art and friendship.  I loved it again on Sunday night, even though (maybe because) it was slightly different in the borrowed space and with actors who had had a few months to consider what they would do differently, given a second chance. 

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