Theatre people at “Sex and the City”

This post does NOT have any movie spoilers in it.  Let’s get that out of the way immediately.

I just wanted to say publicly how much fun I had tonight at a movie showing that turned out to be more like live theatre – i.e., where anything can happen.  Actress Adrienne Reiswerg organized a group of some of her female friends (and I am honored to be one of them! her newest one, in fact) to go out for dinner and then catch the 9:30 showing of the new “Sex and the City” movie.  Tonight was its first night at movie theaters here in Indy.

I think I can speak for the nine of us when I say we had a wonderful time.  We noshed and we laughed and we asked each other, “How do you know Adrienne?” and “Which ‘Sex and the City’ girl are you most like?”  We told each other our favorite scenes from the TV series.

Several members of the group were wildly creative theatre women – actresses, costumers, directors.  I don’t dare name them here because a) I said I wasn’t going to blog about our conversations and b) there was, of course, no program so I have no idea how to spell everyone’s names!

To my surprise, there were even more theatre people at the movie theater.  After rounds and rounds of hugs and photo opps, actor Brent E. Marty, whose work I so enjoyed in “Die! Mommy! Die!”, led the whole, sold-out house in a pre-show cheer:

“Gimme an S!” (S! we all shouted) “Gimme an E!” (E!)  “Gimme an X!” (X!)  “What’s that spell?” (Sex!) “What do we want?” (Sex!)  “When do we want it?” (Now!)

Some non-theatre (I assume) young women in the front row, wearing beautiful tiny dresses and even more beautiful high-heeled shoes, pointed their cell phones at him and begged, “Do it again!  Do it again!”  He did, and they sent it to all their friends.

The woman sitting next to him shouted, “He’s MINE, girls!  This gay is MINE.”  We all laughed and applauded some more.  Adrienne lent him her bracelet made from hot pink, miniature, high-heeled shoes – the one that her friend, actor Kurt Owens (recently seen in “Black Gold“), brought her back from Mardi Gras.

Someone asked Brent if he was our cruise director.  He just grinned and shook his head…but when the movie got out of whack, he did go and tell the theater staff there was a problem.

And later, when all the power went out, and stayed out a LONG time, because of a thunderstorm, Brent cracked jokes and got the management to give everyone free “replacement” tickets.  

(Well, maybe we were going to get free tickets in any case, but it makes a better story this way.)

The power came back on eventually, thank goodness.

In spite of the problems in the projection room and the scariness of the storm, it was a truly enjoyable evening.  Thanks, Adrienne, for inviting me!

The movie was not bad, either.

Hope Baugh –

6 thoughts on “Theatre people at “Sex and the City””

  1. This is a teeny, tiny spoiler for the SATC movie:


    In the pre-release buzz was the prediction that somebody dies. The paper this morning said that it was a joke:
    Carrie DYES her hair dark at one point, then
    “lightens up” again by the end of the movie.

  2. PS SATC:

    Thanks for joining us, Hope. It was quite a happening. I have referred to it as a one-night,
    estrogen-driven, mini-Woodstock.
    Can’t be described, but your account comes close !!

  3. I wish I had been there. What a hoot. Alas I was too busy helping father behind the notions counter

  4. Oh Gosh…nine people is a good crowd to see that movie. I only went with my husband, my best friend, and her husband. Yes, it was extremely hard for them to latch on to the idea that this was a seriously all-gal’s movie. However, on my end I did promise him that he can take me to 2 movies of his choice (which he had all set up because we wound up seeing Iron Man and The Hulk!). Needless to say, we saw the movie opening night in my hometown (since my family was visiting my parents in upstate NY that week) and the place was packed with women. I think that besides our husbands, there were a total of 10 men in the theater. Mind you, it wasn’t like one of those mega-plex theaters: This one only has 5 screens: The theaters fit @ least 500 people. There were all sorts of chants before the show began much like the Sex chant, but it was for each character. We were yelling out mostly for Carrie, Samantha, and (no big surprise here…pun intended) Mr. Big! I don’t know about you, but I thought the movie itself felt rushed, didn’t it? I mean we all know the characters, so there was really no need for a back-story, but the side story including Samantha’s relationship and Miranda’s situation felt like they had to wrap up those storylines quickly to concentrate on Carrie and Mr. Big. To me that wasn’t fair to them. They should have just made the movie 3 hours long. Trust me when I say we ALL would be clinging on to our seats to see the whole thing.

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