Theatre people at “Sex and the City”

This post does NOT have any movie spoilers in it.  Let’s get that out of the way immediately.

I just wanted to say publicly how much fun I had tonight at a movie showing that turned out to be more like live theatre – i.e., where anything can happen.  Actress Adrienne Reiswerg organized a group of some of her female friends (and I am honored to be one of them! her newest one, in fact) to go out for dinner and then catch the 9:30 showing of the new “Sex and the City” movie.  Tonight was its first night at movie theaters here in Indy.

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Theatre Review: “Five Course Love” at Theatre on the Square

From left to right: Scott Martin, Luke McConnell, and Erin CohenourLast Friday night, May 23, 2008, I drove downtown to Theatre on the Square (TOTS) to see “Five Course Love: A Lip-Smacking Musical Comedy,” by Gregg Coffin.  I had tried once before to see this collection of love-related adventures that take place in five different restaurants with five sets of characters, but this time I had an email from John Fullam, the box office manager, confirming a free consolation ticket for me.  Yay!

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Theatre Review: “Our Dad is in Atlantis/Papa’ Esta’ en la Atla’ntida” at the Phoenix

Julio Cesar Chavez Juarez and Mark Presto in “Our Dad is in Atlantis”I just got home from an especially transformative night at the theatre.   (Well, actually, it was two nights ago, Thursday, as I finish writing this post.)

I drove downtown to the Phoenix Theatre to see the first Spanish performance in Indiana of “Papa’ Esta’ en la Atla’ntida” or “Our Dad is in Atlantis”, by Javier Malpica.  I had gone to the opening night performance, which was in English (English translation by Jorge Ignacio Cortinas), a couple weeks ago.

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Theatre Review: “The Foreigner” at Carmel Community Players

On Friday, May 9, 2008, I drove to Studio 15, just off Main Street in Carmel, to see the Carmel Community Players’ presentation of “The Foreigner,” by Larry Shue.  It was directed by Ron Creviston, assisted by Dick Davis.  They share production credit.

The show closed this past weekend, on Sunday, May 18, but I didn’t have a chance to write about it until today.  Even though this review won’t help anyone decide whether or not to go see it, I want to write it anyway.  I want to record my impressions of this show so that when it receives some Encore nominations this fall for excellence in community theatre (as I am sure that it will!) I can come back here to my blog and re-live the pleasure that I felt when I saw the show.

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Theatre Habit Thwarted By Illness

As I mentioned in my last post, May is a crazy-busy month for me at my day job.  I have been working some long days there lately.  However, by this afternoon (Sunday) I felt reasonably caught up.  I had missed the Our Town Players’ Shakespeare piece out at Franklin, I had missed “South Pacific” at Footlite, I had missed “Leading Ladies” at Civic, I had even missed the Broad Ripple Art Fair, but I still had time to see the 5:00 performance of “Five Course Love” at Theatre on the Square if I put off mowing the lawn until tomorrow.

Or so I thought.

I drove downtown…only to find a sign on TOTS’ door saying the Sunday performance had been cancelled due to illness.

“Well, phooey!” I thought.  “That’s one whole hour of my life spent in needless driving on a gorgeous day and eight dollars’ worth of gasoline wasted.  PHOOEY!”

I actually said another word, but I am trying to use that word more selectively.

And, actually, this wasn’t an “f-word” situation.   I could rant that it is actors’ and crew members’ responsibility to keep themselves healthy when they are in a show, but even with the best of intentions, people do get sick.  Stuff happens. And the only theatre I know of around here that casts understudies is the IRT.

I suppose I could have called first to confirm that the show wasn’t sold out (or cancelled!) but I took my chances, as I often do.  This was one of those rare times when I was disappointed.

Very disappointed.

But…I took myself out to dinner at Bob Evans instead and read some more of the novel that I had in my purse.  (Never leave the house without a book!)

So…I hope whoever was sick at TOTS feels better soon.

Hope Baugh –

Quick update

Last weekend I went to see “Our Dad Is In Atlantis” at the Phoenix Theatre and “The Foreigner” at Carmel Community Players.  I enjoyed both very much, although for different reasons.

However, because my day job is keeping me very(!) busy this month,  I have not had a chance to write about either of these shows.  I will not be able to write about them this weekend, either.  

I will not even have time to SEE a show this weekend.  (Eeep!!)

So…I will just say quickly that “The Foreigner” closes on Sunday and it is very funny.

“Our Dad” continues through June 8 and some of the performances are in Spanish.  I am planning to see one of those performances, too.  The story of two young brothers whose mother died and whose father left them behind when he moved to the United States is haunting.

There are several other shows running this weekend that I would like to see, too, but the day job (and my health!) have to come first.

So… “break a leg” to everyone, and I will see you again soon.

Hope Baugh –

A Conversation with James Still

IRT playwright-in-residence James Still

Last Sunday afternoon (5/4/08) I drove downtown to the Starbucks on the Circle to interview James Still, playwright-in-residence for the Indiana Repertory Theatre

Actually, he had invited me for coffee and conversation, which is not quite the same as an interview.  After we shook hands and said, “Nice to meet you” and so on, he tried to ask me about myself.  However, I knew he only had an hour or so, and I was greedy for information for my blog readers, so I asked if I could take notes while we talked about his art and then write about our conversation as part of my “Indy Theatre Habit.”  He graciously agreed.

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A Conversation with Jacob Appel

I had heard that Jacob M. Appel, the playwright of “Three Belles of Eden,” was flying in from New York City for the first Saturday night of this play’s world premiering run at Epilogue.  I asked if I could “ask him some questions” after the show.  He very graciously agreed, and one of the cast members, Priscilla Ruddell, said that I was welcome to talk with him at the post-show party at her home. 

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Theatre Review: “Three Belles of Eden” at Epilogue

A week ago Saturday night (5/3/08) I drove to 18th and Alabama to the Epilogue Players’ space to see the world premiere of “Three Belles of Eden,” by Jacob Appel.  It was directed by Norris Wright and produced by Andy Brand.

I think my mother would have enjoyed this piece.  She died two years ago today, May 11.  She wasn’t a big theatre buff but she enjoyed reading mysteries and she liked the “Golden Girls” TV show.  “Three Belles” has some feisty senior citizens in it and some delicious suspense.

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