2016 Directory of Shows I’ve Seen


Fancy, Old Fashioned Theater Seats - Benjamin Thompson

(Last updated 12/21/16)

I realized recently that one of the many reasons I love going to see live theatre is because whether it makes me laugh, cry, or think, it usually gives me an experience of good communication. If there has been fear or pain or sorrow in my personal or work life due to communication failures, I am comforted that I can go to one of my favorite theatres with an open heart and…understand what is going on.

Writing this makes me laugh, but it is true.

I don’t know what 2016 will mean for me in terms of writing about theatre but I do know I want to see a lot of shows.  I bought flex passes to the Phoenix Theatre and to Theatre on the Square; a World Class Pass to the Indiana Repertory Theatre; and a VIP membership to Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre. I hope to see shows at several other Indianapolis area theatres as well, and probably at least a handful in Bloomington, Indiana and maybe other places.

Below is what I’ve seen so far in 2016.  I will update it all year as I go along, as I did in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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2015 Directory of Shows



Cake for breakfast - Hope Baugh

(last updated January 26, 2016)

If you’re a regular reader of Indy Theatre Habit you know I like to keep a directory of the shows I’ve seen each year.  I post it first in January, then update it every time I see a show.  It gets pushed down by newer blog posts (if I write any, which I didn’t do much in 2015 because I was so busy writing other things) but you can always find it easily by looking in the categories on the left side of the blog.

I enjoy looking back over the feast that each of my annual directories represents.

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My 2014 Indianapolis-Area Holiday Show List

Sorting Items from my Christmas Drawer - H. Baugh

I will review at least four of the following 2014 holiday shows for Nuvo but I have made a list of ALL of the Indianapolis-area holiday shows that I know about here on my own blog just for myself. If it helps you, too…yay!

(11/26/14 – I updated this list a day later to include five dance shows.  HOW could I have forgotten them?!?  Four are versions of the Nutcracker ballet. The other is a holiday alternative from Dance Kaleidoscope.)

Please confirm all dates and locations with the theatres.

Priorities for me, whether I review them or not, include (in fairly random order):

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Star Thoughts After Reviewing the 2014 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival for Nuvo

My media pass for the 2014 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival

I wish I could find the post I read several weeks ago by a guy who was throwing down his approach to the star ratings on GoodReads.

I’ve tried finding it again but instead found only that there are a gazillion posts from people delineating their approaches to star ratings and, except for the one I’m looking for, they all make for tedious reading.

So I’ll just paraphrase what my guy said:

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2014 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival – Reviewing for Nuvo

The 10th Annual Indy Fringe Theatre Festival – aka Indy Fringe – opens this Wednesday night, August 13, 2014 with the free Performers Showcase at the Athenaeum at 6:00. Then, beginning at 6pm on Thursday, August 14 and running through Sunday, August 24, 2014, some sixty-eight shows will run on eight stages within (fast) walking distance of each other in downtown Indianapolis. Read more about them here: www.indyfringe.org.

This will be my eighth year “fringe-ing.” I am paradoxically relaxed and excited.

In years past I have posted reviews here on my theatre blog of the Fringe shows I saw. For the past couple of years I even created an informal guide ahead of time.

This year, however, I am reviewing Fringe shows for Nuvo, part of a team of seven or eight other people. I will probably also tweet a bit (@IndyTheatre) but I will not be blogging the Fringe.

Nuvo, in case you’re new to the area or reading my blog from out of town, is Indianapolis’ weekly alternative news publication. You can pick it up in paper form for free in boxes on the streets around town, or read it online at http://www.nuvo.net/.

I have been reviewing live theatre for Nuvo since March, actually. I blogged about that decision at the time and I intended to continue blogging regularly on the side but a couple of homeowner crises and other things demanded my energy. I have been more or less maintaining my 2014 Annual Directory of Shows I’ve seen, though, and I expect I’ll get back to blogging, too, one of these days.

In the meantime, my Fringe assignment for Nuvo is to catch the eight shows in the Cook Theatre, plus one other, and write about them all before 8:00 Monday morning.

If all goes well, when our complete guide comes out in paper and goes up on the Nuvo.net website mid-week, it will include a review of every single 2014 Indy Fringe show. I hope you will look for it!

Even more, I hope you have a great time at the Fringe, whether you see one show or several.  ‘See you at the theatres…

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com and www.twitter.com/IndyTheatre.

© 2014 Hope Baugh

Q Artistry’s “Bomb on a Bus” (Nuvo review)

I saw Q Artistry’s “Bomb on a Bus: a Speedy Musical” (book and music by Paige Scott) at the Irvington Lodge the first weekend it opened.  I was on assignment for Nuvo. Here is a direct link to my review.

Director Ben Asaykwee gave the curtain talk.  I was delighted to hear that Q’s “Bunny Spectacular” show for families will be back this April and their “Zirkus Grimm” will be back this summer.  You may remember that I loved “Zirkus Grimm” so much that I saw it three times during its first sold-out run.

I was also  delighted to hear Ben talk about their next “Q Kids” (I think he called it) production: “East Side Story.”  Ben said that each of the twelve (I think) kid actors would be paired with an adult mentor for the rehearsal process.  During the show itself, the kids would be the Jets and the adults would be the Sharks. (Or vice versa, I forget.)

“There is no sex in this version,” Ben scolded us, which made everyone laugh.  “It’s a story of FRIENDSHIP here on the East side of Indianapolis.”

 Three of my next four assignments for Nuvo are shows I probably wouldn’t have made time to see on my own but now that I’ve accepted the assignments, I am very much looking forward to them.  I’ll try to link to them from here on my blog, too, once they’re up, with whatever bonus news I might have that didn’t make sense to put in the official review.

I think I’d also like to put the basic “who did what” from each show here on my blog, too.  It will be more searchable that way than merely keeping paper programs in a drawer or relying on theatres to keep the info on their own websites once a show is over.

But I find that kind of record-keeping tedious so we’ll see.

‘See you at the theatres…

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com and @IndyTheatre on Twitter.

“I and You” by Lauren Gunderson at the Phoenix Theatre (Nuvo review)

My first review for Nuvo went up on Friday!  It was of the rolling world premiere of Lauren Gunderson’s “I and You” at the Phoenix Theatre.  Read the review for yourself here: http://www.nuvo.net/indianapolis/i-and-you-at-phoenix-theatre/Content?oid=2789509.

It wasn’t as hard as I had expected to decide the stars. (Whew!)  And my editor, Scott Shoger, gave me some kind, clear feedback on my words, which was lovely.

As I mentioned when I first shared the news that I would be reviewing for Nuvo, Scott said I could share additional thoughts here on my own blog if I wanted to.


I don’t actually have a lot more to say about “I and You” except that if you are a high school theatre teacher or coach, I would encourage you to consider this script for your students.  There are some curse words but no one has sex. (‘Sorry if that’s a spoiler.)  The adults in your audiences will laugh at different things, probably, from your students but that’s okay.

‘See you at the theatres!

Hope Baugh – www.IndyTheatreHabit.com and @IndyTheatre on Twitter.

For PLA Librarians Visiting Indianapolis Who Also Love Live Theatre and Storytelling

Whenever I go to a Public Library Association conference (or American Library Association conference or Young Adult Library Services Association conference or any conference, for that matter) in another city, I try to set aside some time and money to check out the local theatre scene.

Multiple conferences in Washington, DC, for example, gave me wonderful experiences at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, the Studio Theatre, and the Shakespeare Theatre Company. In Denver I fell in love with the Curious Theatre Company and also enjoyed a show at the Garner Galleria Theatre.  In Philadelphia and Chicago…well, the show I wanted to see at Philly’s Walnut Street Theatre turned out to be sold out the night I was there, and let’s just say I was disappointed by the one show I saw in Chicago.  But I’ll get to those cities again some day because there are only a few cities that are able to handle hordes of librarians and anyway, that’s just the way it goes sometimes.  Life is an adventure and anything can happen with live theatre.

This week the Public Library Association’s biennial conference is going to be in my area – Indianapolis, Indiana – for the first time.  I’ve been thinking about what I would want a local to tell me about the theatre scene here this week, especially the scene relatively close to the Indianapolis Convention Center, if I were me but visiting from out-of-town.

I am delighted to report that this is a particularly excellent week for theatre-goers in downtown Indianapolis, especially theatre-goers on a budget.

Here are my recommendations, night by night during the PLA conference:

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A New Chapter In My Theatre Writing Life: Writing for Nuvo

I am very excited.  This morning I met with Nuvo Arts and Entertainment Editor Scott Shoger and signed an “Editorial Freelance Agreement” to write for them about theatre.  In case you’re reading my blog from some other city, Nuvo is Indianapolis, Indiana’s weekly alternative newspaper/website.

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