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Indy Escort services offer a wide range of mouthwatering escort services for ages eighteen to eighty alike. You also get a FREE erotic massage when you book one of our girls for a raunchy evening.

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We understand that every human being has his/her own needs and we are here to satify them! Nothing is too much ask, we are here to keep you happy when you call us. We respect every client’s privacy and we do everything in our right to protect it.

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Our selection of VIP escorts at Cleopatra’s are available for businessmen and executives who would like to blow some steam off

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Interested to have a nice time with one of the pornstars you enjoy watching?You have come to the right place.

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No location is too far for our ladies. They even accompany you on your vacations.

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Want to see what you get before booking them? This gallery is strictly NSFW!

From The Blog

My escort escapade

Today, the escort agency is a bit slow, but I still got hopes for a booking. Life in Marylebone has always been fun for me, and working for the agency is one thing I have never regretted. I was initially a sales representative, which was certainly not my calling. I was updating my bio and profile on our website when I received a client’s text and was quite excited about it. His profile picture was a total turn on, and I engaged with him as I lured him for a meet. He told me he was in London for a few days and was looking for a hot teen with a model body to keep him company, which I certainly fit for it.

London Escorts

Since I had accepted the request, he first had to pay the stated agency amount before we could meet, and he did not hesitate at it. Today was certainly my lucky day. My other queens had not requested that early morning, but I was sure it was only a slow Monday. I wore my best slit dress that showed my perfect curves and blossom and was ready for the meet. He had requested a casual date since he needed someone to hang out within a casino and later spice up the day with some bedtime. He requested me an Uber that picked me up at my place and dropped me off at The Grosvenor Victoria Casino, and he was just as fine and sexy as his profile picture. I could hear my couchie grown for him, but I certainly needed to be lowkey about it.

He was really good at gambling with me as his lucky charm on his side, and I also made it worth it. I am also good at porker, and he asked me to try out my luck. I only lost one game but won three of them, which was quite an exciting moment because this was my first time playing casino porker. Later on, we went to the dining section in the casino because we needed to catch up and talk. He really opened up to me about what was troubling him, and as a good listener, I was a perfect comfort space for him. I did not judge, but I could not hold my tears because of how sad he had to let go of. I gave him my take on the matter, and he was glad he let it out off his chest.

After a decent meal and a moment, it was time to head home. I had only one request for him before we would take off. I asked him if he could kindly buy me a bottle of Chardonnay, and surprisingly he told me that he had a couple of bottles in his hotel room. At this moment, my smile was a complete glow because of how he said it with a weighty bass. We took an Uber to The Landmark hotel, which has always been on my bucket list. It’s a phenomenon hotel, and its beauty stands out and me sleeping and making love tonight was a complete orgasm moment for me.

All I could think about as I checked in with him was how nasty I wanted to be and make it the best night of our lives. For a moment, I paused and remembered I actually did not have any panties on, meaning we could kick it in the lift, but I needed a decent call girl tonight. First, I had to freshen up before he could have me as a snack for tonight, but he certainly couldn’t hold it anymore too. He escorted me to the bathroom and grabbed me by the waist soon, and I turned on the shower. He pinned me on the wall, and the sound of my booty clapping due to him banging me and the shower on was a complete turn on. We had about two rounds in there, and since I had carried one bottle of Chardonnay in there, I was in for any request he wanted. His meat was a good throb in me, and I was so wet that I couldn’t help but have multiple orgasms.

After the bathroom moment, we headed to bed for some more lovemaking moment. At this moment, I was totally turned on, and I grabbed his meat and sucked it really good. He tossed me on the bed, and I spread my legs like a butterfly to let him give it to me how he wanted. All I could hold on was the sheets as I moaned loudly because of how good he was at in me. With his muscular hands on my blossoms, all I wanted was him tonight. We would later pass out after hours of good sex, and early in the morning, I couldn’t help but ride him to appreciate the fact that he was a handsome beast last night.

Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring London Escorts

Before hiring a London escort, there are numerous factors you should consider to avoid getting scammed/conned or poor services. For example, hiring a blonde escort from an agency is advisable because they are ethical and professional too. It is easy to get escort services in London and surrounding areas like Kensington, Knightsbridge, Bays water, and Chelsea. However, choosing the best London escort agency is challenging. To avoid making the wrong choice, consider these factors:

Testimonials and comments

When looking to hire an escort, check testimonials, and comments in the feedback section on the agency’s blog or website. Checking testimonials and comments helps you determine whether previous clients were satisfied, the kind of services offered, ratings, and whether the agency is reliable. Before you get a blonde escort, consider getting as much information as possible from the agency’s blogs, website, and social media platforms.

Mode of payment

If you are dealing with a private escort, chances of getting conned are high because terms of services might change abruptly! Hiring an escort via an agency is recommended because their services are safe and reliable. Remember, regardless of the mode of payment, an agency will always guarantee high-quality services. However, irrespective of the method of payment, it should be safe, reliable, and easy for both parties. Having numerous modes of payment, such as bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card, is good because it offers convenience.

If you hire escorts from an agency, they are professionals. As a result, they are very cautious about how you handle them. You are required to pay the escort before you start an engagement. In most cases, escorts decide the mode of payment they prefer. Usually, most escorts prefer cash instead of credit card payments because it is the most legitimate way of receiving their payment. Remember to have cash and other modes of payment ready to avoid inconveniences or disagreements. After all, you want to have fun, calm your mind, and probably talk.

Legal age

Considering the legal age of the escort is crucial to avoid legal actions if you are caught. Although the escort industry is permitted in the UK, confirming the girl is of legal age before you start an engagement should be a priority. Confirming your blonde has attained the legal age to offer escort services is essential and should be done early. If you have to ask specific questions or cancel the meeting, please do it before you get into trouble. When working with an agency, ensure that it is adhering to set rules to avoid future problems. Never hire an escort under 18 whatsoever!


All reputable escort agencies in the UK have websites. Visiting these websites is crucial to check out their services, profiles of their escorts, and read reviews from previous clients. While some websites provide false information, other sites are reputable, and they offer legitimate services. Please do not share your personal information on a website without confirming its legitimacy to avoid getting scammed.

Most people hire an escort to have fun. However, the fun can have different definitions, although, to most people, this means sex (whether vaginal or anal). Therefore, try to spend some time with your blonde to understand her before getting your escort services. Finally, even if you are nervous, try being confident to make your blonde comfortable and get a great value for your money.

Factors to Consider when Looking for a London Escort

Well, if you are traveling to the UK, then you may want to hire an escort for entertainment or companionship during your stay. The good news is there are many models in escort agencies dotted across the country. From Chelsea to Knightsbridge and Kensington, UK boasts of one the highest number of escort agencies across the world. Even Baywater has a selection of agencies and many other locations across the UK. But then when looking for an escort, there are some factors to consider.

Top Factors to Consider when Choosing a London Escort

  • Independent or Agency Escorts

Agency Escorts

Most UK visitors prefer hiring agency escorts because they’re specialized in this business venture. And there are many benefits of the agency escorts since most of these companies have a rigorous selection process, only allowing the beautiful, attractive, professional, and charming models to work for them. Besides, agencies have both premium and budget ladies giving clients a myriad of choices for getting their ideal date.

Also, when you go into an escort agency, they will ask you for some information to help them choose the best escort for you. You can also indicate all your needs to the escort agency to enable them to find the most suitable model for you. Whether you are looking for a blonde, Asian, American, or even Latina, you’ll hardly miss them in an agency.

Independent Escorts

Most escorts prefer going independent and avoid working for agencies. This doesn’t mean the agencies rejected them but rather they choose to be their own boss. Besides, going independent for them means getting a chance to self-advertise and build a client base without a broker. The difference between independent escorts and agency escorts is that the former doesn’t have any third party in between, while for the latter, you have to book their services through a company.

  • Mode of Payment

Always check the mode of payment that the escort accepts to avoid being overcharged for some of their services. For agency escorts, you’ll have multiple payment options, while most independent escorts offer only one or few methods of payment. But regardless of the payment method, it should be favorable to both of you. Therefore, ensure you agree with the escort first about this before they offer you services.

  • Consider the Legal Age

When hiring an escort, you should note that prostitution industry is illegal in the UK. And since you’ll likely engage in sex with the escort, it’s necessary to know if she is of the legal age. This is 18 years old, and since sex for prostitution is illegal, it also applies to escorts. Escort agencies should, therefore, ensure their escorts are above 18 years old, licensed to work in the UK since if that’s not the case, then they could be charged for child trafficking.

When you are looking for a London escort, then note that the right ones offer a memorable experience. From seduction to companionship, UK escorts include a selection of the most beautiful and charming girls. So, if you’re visiting next month, then check our guide to help you understand more about escorts, how they operate, and to help you avoid breaking the law.

Fun things to do with your girlfriend

There are so many fun things to do in life, and when you do it with your girlfriend, everything becomes better. But in the back of our heads, we are constantly worrying about the places to go and the fun activities to do. Most of us get confused about what to do and end up doing something disastrous. To help you have a better time with your girlfriend, we have compiled a list of fun things you can do with your girlfriend.

Go on unplanned trips:

Unplanned trips can be daunting, but it can have some serious adventures to face and plenty of fun things to do. When you face unpredicted situations with your girlfriend both of you will learn how to cling on to each other. You will also build confidence in how to tackle such situations. At the end of the day you will be laughing about all the adventures you faced, and when you look back, you will have a memory to remember.

Go to a funny movie:

Just because you are going out with your girlfriend, you don’t really have to go to a romantic movie. You can try to go for a funny movie. You will end up laughing your hearts out, and this is a great way to bond with each other. You will be happy to go to things with each other and feel good about it.

Take a trip to the Zoo:

Most of us think that Zoo is a place where the kids go to see animals. But it also happens to be a fun-filled place for adults. You might be wondering how many animals you haven’t actually seen in your entire life. Going to the zoo can be a fun date, and you can spend an entire day watching the animals and hanging out with each other.


Most of us consider go-kart as a “guys” thing or something which only guys would want to do. You might never know how many women would actually be excited to a go-kart. Take your girlfriend with you, and she will love it. You can have a race between both of you and see who the best arcade driver is.

Rooftop dinners:

There is nothing better than a rooftop dinner with your girlfriend. It is both romantic and fun. You can have a projector set up to watch a movie after the dinner or place some music and dance around with your girlfriend on the rooftop.

Go to a comedy club:

There is plenty of stand-up comedy artists these days, and most of them are brilliant. If you happen to have such shows in your town, you can take your girlfriend to that show and have a fun-filled evening.

Best Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways often include long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and of course the pampering accommodations. But there are many places on the earth which is naturally romantic, and you don’t need all the candlelit dinners to make it romantic. In such places love is already in the air and you don’t have to force it upon yourself. Our team has compiled some such places for you to visit with your partner on your romantic getaway.

Bali, Indonesia:

Bali does not only have a pretty face, but it is also a place which genuinely has sensual scenery which attracts tourists from all over the world. The beautiful culture and the picturesque tradition make you want more of Bali every day. Nothing can be more romantic than watching the sunset with your beloved over clear blue waters in Sanur. The five waterfalls between Bedugul and Singaraja is a place where you should go to spice up things between you and your partner.

Bruges, Belgium:

Be the prince and princess of your own world in Bruges. It happens to be a perfect romantic spot with its open city squares, cobblestone streets and quaint house. Take a romantic ride on a boat through scenic canals and climb the winding steps as you unravel the tension between both of you to get a beautiful bird’s eye view of the hopelessly romantic city. Take your partner in a horse-drawn carriage just like the olden days for a ride to Beguinage which happens to filled with bridges and ponds.

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Fills your lives with colors just like the city of Buenos Aires; Experience the soft red velvet seats at the Teatro Colon. You can dance your night away in the city of lights and dine at some of the finest restaurants in town. Rajo Tango is a popular suggestion which will make your evenings perfect. If you happen to visit during the spring, you can see the flowers beautifully blooming. The crowd is also less during this time of year, and thus it will be perfect for romantic getaways.

Charleston, South Carolina:

The laid-back southern charm is perfect if you want to spend a lovely weekend with your partner. The city is filled with brilliant gardens and also has a historic ambiance which will pull you closer to your partner. The picture-perfect scenery at the Mount Waterfront Park will help you take back memories.

There are brilliant places out there in the world which is waiting to be explored. So why are you waiting for? Take your girlfriend to the best romantic places in the world and have a lovely time. It is never too late to impress your girlfriend and to go on a trip is something which will bring your girlfriend close to you.

Are you a good girlfriend? : Indy’s Guide

The secret of having a good relationship is to make sure that you become the highest-value version of yourself so that you will be able to get the best from your boyfriend. Do not take this the wrong way and think that you have to do all the work. The moment you consider something as “work” you wouldn’t do it out of love. The following are some of the tips for being the women of his dreams:

Make him feel like he is the best:

“You want me to be a better person”. If your boyfriend says these words to you, then you are on the right track. Guys need a girlfriend who will inspire them to become a better person. He needs someone to encourage him in the things he does so that he will be able to give his potential. It does not mean that the guy you are dating is lazy or cannot do it without you. But when you are there, he feels happy and motivated to do what he is doing. He will see you as a teammate who will always be there for him.

Understand what will trigger him:

Men and women feel the love in a different way. Most women experience love by the amount of time they spend with their partner, and when it comes to men, they experience love through physical touch. One of the best things you can do as a girlfriend is to figure out how your boyfriend feels love. At the same time, your boyfriend needs to know how to please you.

Learn how to take care of yourself:

The girlfriend every guy dreams about is not someone who always depends on him for everything. If you have a boyfriend who wants you to depend on him for even the slightest thing, he can actually be a narcissist who is obsessed in taking control and wants to be in charge of your happiness. You might want to ditch your boyfriend in that case.

A good boyfriend will be happy that you are independent and that you find happiness outside of your relationship and that is fine with him.

Desire and comfort:

You need to know how to prioritize comfort and desire. Know the balance between the two and act accordingly. You need to know when you have to prioritize comfort and when to prioritize desire. If you want to be a good girlfriend you need to appreciate the need for the desire of your significant other and satisfy that need.

Sometimes, you need to be the one who is strong:

In a relationship, men always are the ones who love to be the strong ones both emotionally and physically. But there are situations where the guy expects his women to be the stronger one in a relationship.

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